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Mazda UK launches World’s Most Unconventional Test Drive experiential campaign

Last updated Thursday, July 18, 2013 06:24 ET

Ramping up its digital marketing efforts, Mazda UK has launched a spectacular experimental campaign and competition - World’s Most Unconventional Test Drive.

Glasgow, United Kingdom, 07/18/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Ramping up its marketing efforts in the UK, Mazda has launched a provocative multichannel experiential campaign - World’s Most Unconventional Test Drive - to reach to a wider audience and raise awareness of its all-new 6th generation vehicles including Mazda CX-5 and Mazda6.

Inspired by the brand’s tagline - defy convention - the campaign gamifies the test drive experience, celebrating some of the world’s most adventurous drives. With prizes - featured in the campaign’s online video - including luxury road trip packages taking in awe-inspiring scenery in Italy, travelling through breathtaking Norwegian Fjords and navigating the iconic dried out river beds of LA, the game, available online and in showrooms, encourages participants to think differently about often spiritless, unvaried test drive experiences.

Mazda - marking the beginning of a bold new era for motoring in the UK with the integration of innovative SKYACTIV Technologies into its range of 6th generation vehicles - has launched the online game in recognition of the brand’s radical new way of thinking.

Mazda’s first foray into digital gaming, the campaign offers players the chance to win prizes - in addition to the luxury holidays - that include Mazda test drive experiences at world class track circuits and some of Britain’s finest locations from Sussex to Scotland, where they will enjoy meals at the famous Gleneagles Hotel, The Kennels at Goodwood and Daylesford Organic in the Cotswolds.

Taking automotive marketing to the next level - and ripping up the industry rulebook in terms of test drive experiences on offer - Mazda centres the campaign around high performance driving and draws on the popularity of iconic arcade ‘grabber’ games to reach out to a new set of target customers.

“Test drives are often in danger of being run of the mill trips, and as this just didn’t fit with Mazda and what our models offer in terms of driving experience, we decided to introduce a fun game into the mix. This is one of our most exciting campaigns to date, and Mazda’s investment in terms of resource and new technologies is testament to the importance it places on engaging with our target community on the platforms they are using.

“To deliver this experiential campaign, we’ve embraced multimedia content, pioneering design and communication across a number of channels - not to mention the amazing prize packages we’ve put together - and we can’t wait to see the response to the campaign from our customers,” explained Mazda UK Marketing Director Claire Andrews.

Showcasing Mazda's determination to embrace the popularity of compelling online social experiences affirms its position as an international car manufacturer that is adept and poised to embrace the latest innovative technological developments to engage its target audience. Players are able to enter online, via their mobile devices and in showrooms across the UK, selecting coloured balls using the virtual grabber in the hope of bagging a winning test drive experience.

Embracing the innovative spirit of the sixth generation range of Mazda vehicles, the campaign celebrates responsive handling and performance while keeping in fitting with the sporty and distinctive exterior design of the sixth generation models.

“In recognition of the positive reaction to Mazda’s range of sixth generation of vehicles since its launch last year, we wanted to deliver a campaign that matched the passion and enthusiasm that our customers have for the brand, and incentivise those who may not have previously thought of test driving a Mazda.

“This campaign has everything - it has spirit, energy, captures the essence of the performance driven range of vehicles and gives people the opportunity to test that performance in some of the world’s most breathtaking routes,” concluded Andrews.

A defining moment for Mazda - a step into a visionary future in which the old rules of marketing and motoring no longer apply - the World’s Most Unconventional Test Drive campaign is expected to attract new consumers to the brand and attract fans to engage further with the company on a number of levels across a range of platforms, from playing the game and entering the competition to prompting people to seek further information around the launch of Mazda’s sixth generation of vehicles.

Mazda UK’s World Most Unconventional Test Drive is available here: http://www.mazda.co.uk/surprisingdrives/


Mazda’s World Most Unconventional Test Drive competition prize packages include:

This test drive through Southern Norway offers cinematic landscape and breathtaking views at every turn. Through vast fjords, thundering waterfalls, winding mountain roads, open farmland, deep crevices, picturesque villages and of course along one of the world’s greatest – the Atlantic Road. A normal test drive is transformed into a beautiful journey through Nordic paradise.

This test drive through Los Angeles offers a sprinkling of Hollywood magic along every legendary road that it is home to. With world class hotels, shops, restaurants, iconic landmarks, beautiful beaches and national forests and canyons, driving through this sprawling city will guarantee an A List test drive packed with unique and memorable drives everyday.

This test drive through five regions, past 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, takes in the very best of Italy, offering history, culture, sumptuous cuisine and spectacular roads. Starting in Genoa, the birthplace of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, before taking on the tracks at Monza, moving onto the fashion packed streets of Milan, the dazzling waters of Lake Como, before taking on the infamous Stelvio Pass. Driving at just over 9,000 ft, this road includes 60 hairpin turns through luscious mountain landscape. The gourmet hot spots of Modena and Bologna and Italy’s greatest restaurant will provide a tantalising reward before finally arriving at Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, offering inspiring architecture and galleries at every turn.