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Metry Chick Expands Business to Web With Custom Branded e-Commerce Website

Last updated Tuesday, July 30, 2013 01:00 ET

Kickify helps another small business grow, launching yet another fantastic mobile and E-Commerce website for Metry Chick.

07/30/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

An E-Commerce website can be a great way for a small business to expand and branch out. When Metry Chick owner (and proud mom) Celeste Haar wanted to revamp her site, she knew she wanted Greta Perry and Team Kickify for the job. Both of these New Orleans ladies can relate to running a small business, knowing it can be tough. Kickify specializes in customized web solutions for small business owners, offering supreme accommodations and individual attention. Kickify regularly pumps out phenomenal websites and graphics, runs social media campaigns, and provides SEO content solutions, kicking businesses into high gear.

That is why Metry Chick teamed with Kickify to launch an E-Commerce website to expand the reach of her unique jewelry business. Celeste sells distinctive, stylish jewelry that she describes as having NOLA flair, with "Metry style." Her dazzling pieces can now be found and purchase online through her brand new site, which is now also mobile ready: metrychick.com.

“This new E-Commerce website is a goal that has been a long time coming to a small business owner. It's thanks to the team at Kickify that this dream is coming true for my little company.”

As she describes it, her small business specializes in "etched glass items, photo jewelry (a fancy-ish term for making jewelry using pictures), and unique jewelry pieces that tickle my fancy." Each item is carefully posted to the site with up-close, detailed pictures and pricing.

“MetryChick is always searching for the next "different" item to bring to our customers.”

The attractive new site offers insight into the beginnings of the company, the inspiration for some of the items and even a personal touch from customers who can't say enough about the items they've purchased from Metry Chick. Of course, the E-Commerce website is fully geared toward online shopping, and offers the option of receiving newsletters with special deals and a calendar of upcoming events.

Visit Metry Chick’s store online at http://www.metrychick.com

Kickify can help you “Pump Up Your Web Presence” with its full range of internet marketing and social media services, turning your business into a brand that gets noticed. An E-Commerce website or mobile upgrade can take your small business to the next level.

For more information contact Greta Perry at 985.807.4805 (CST); [email protected].

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