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Actor Big Spence: Cowboys and Whisky

Last updated Friday, August 2, 2013 12:39 ET

Big Spence in an Eduardo Castrillo film, "The Last Wolf of EZO" Spencer takes on a new challenge with this role.

08/02/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Actor, Big Spence takes on a whole new challenge as a cowboy named 'Jack-Knife' in the upcoming film, The Last Wolf of Ezo, written and directed by Eduardo Castrillo. The Last Wolf of Ezo is about a samurai, Karukan (Daniel J. Kim), who’s fiance, Asami (Alexa Gama), is cursed with turning into a werewolf. She has killed his master and the people of his village, creating chaos wherever the beast roams. Karukan travels to the old west, where she has fled, to hunt her down and kill her, ending the curse.

Big Spence plays a 'take no mess' kind of guy. Although Spence is use to playing a take no mess character in some of his previous films, this character is a bit different. Big Spence portrays a cowboy, Whisky and all. Whisky was the name of his horse.During a recent interview Spence acknowledged his enthusiasm in playing this character, researching the traits and portraying his character ' Jack-Knife' with the utmost accuracy. Rumor has it, during recent filming Spence was thrown from his horse however, in true Spence fashion, he got right back on thanks to his 13 year old trainers assistant Savannah, and his 'all in a days work' attitude. Big Spence much like his character 'Jack-Knife' takes no mess from anyone or anything.

The Last Wolf of Ezo is being filmed between Palm Springs, CA and the Bay Area. The film is slated for showing in summer 2014.