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Brave Luck Books Rewards Fantasy Fans with Ebook Bundle Discounts

Last updated Tuesday, August 6, 2013 06:00 ET

Tracy Falbe author of The Rys Chronicles and Rys Rising fantasy series supports creator to consumer business models and extends discounts to her fans.

Battle Creek, USA, 08/06/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Author of eight fantasy novels Tracy Falbe now offers ebook bundle discounts at her web store Brave Luck Books. Fantasy fans eager to continue reading either The Rys Chronicles or Rys Rising series can enjoy a 15 percent discount or get 25 percent off both series.

Falbe decided to offer the discounts because she noticed that people who enjoyed her free ebook samples often came back to purchase a complete series all at once. Now that she has finished publishing two fantasy series The Rys Chronicles and Rys Rising she was in a position to offer special bundle discounts to people willing to buy four to eight ebooks all at once.

“I wanted to encourage readers to connect with me instead of an impersonal giant retail system,” Falbe explained. “Creators and consumers can touch each other. I pour my heart into all my novels. When that resonates with someone I’m amazed every time. It tells me that I can create stories that others appreciate.”

Her Brave Luck Books web store can also service international readers who may not have access to retailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Because Falbe holds the worldwide rights to all her novels, there are no geographic limitations on her customers that people in some countries may encounter when buying media online. Multiple currencies are processed by her checkout system so international shoppers are welcome.

She began selling ebooks to readers worldwide in 2006 when she published Union of Renegades and The Goddess Queen. At the time, her website was her only means of offering her ebooks to the public.

“I began selling ebooks before any of the major retailers allowed self publishers to participate in their marketplaces. Thankfully I’m no longer excluded and my novels are now selling at several popular online retailers like Amazon, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes, but my website is still very important to me. It’s where I started and Brave Luck Books is where I’ll always be,” Falbe said.

For those not interested in buying ebook bundles, individual titles are still available at a regular price of $4.95 each. People can choose from three popular formats: PDF, Epub, and Kindle. Ebook downloads are delivered immediately after payment.

Details about the ebook bundle discounts at Brave Luck Books are easily accessible at the top of the site navigation menu. Fantasy novels by Tracy Falbe are Union of Renegades, The Goddess Queen, Judgment Rising, The Borderlands of Power, Rys Rising, Savage Storm, New Religion, and Love Lost. Her novels are character driven epics of magic, oppression, ambition, and bravery.