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All-Natural Beverage Looks to Rid the Nation of Hangovers and Dehydration

Last updated Saturday, August 10, 2013 16:35 ET

Liquid I.V. is an all-natural beverage that rapidly rehydrates the body. It is the ultimate hangover remedy. We call it our “IV in a bottle.”

Los Angeles, USA, 08/10/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Birthed from a popular underground remedy; Liquid I.V. sets out to make your most heinous hangovers a thing of the past. Utilizing Oral Rehydration Therapy, Liquid I.V. rehydrates your body quickly and efficiently, a fact that has helped bring on over 53 professional athletes that want to help publicize the beverage.

Founded and developed by three Loyola Marymount University graduates, Brandin Cohen, Hayden Fulstone and Cameron Killeen, Liquid I.V. is a specially formulated all-natural rehydration beverage. The group came up with the idea in the fall of 2012 and have been busy making it a reality ever since.

Utilizing Oral Rehydration Therapy – a specific blend of glucose and electrolytes clinically proven to rehydrate the body at a rate similar to an I.V. – world-class athletes, military personnel and jet-lagged travelers have begun using Liquid I.V. as a healthier, more dynamic alternative to leading sports drinks. With less than half the sugar and four times the electrolytes of Gatorade, Liquid I.V. is the optimal choice for intense rehydration. It contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, food coloring, or GMOs and is 100% all natural. Additionally, there are added vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies that help the body eliminate hangover causing toxins.

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Liquid I.V. is available as an Emergen-C style powder packet. These packets can be purchased online as part of a recurring monthly subscription plan: www.Liquid-IV.com. Liquid I.V. bottles will be on shelves of local grocers, liquor stores, health stores, workout studios and gyms around LMU. With initial sales data to show traction, the company has high interest from a large hotel chain for a deal to put Liquid I.V. in mini bars up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

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