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Igor Purlantov Says Wikipedia Helps Us Understand Animals

Last updated Monday, August 12, 2013 16:40 ET

Wikipedia Helps Animal Rights Says Igor Purlantov

Las Vegas, USA, 08/12/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Ever since the arrival of Wikipedia, researching animals has never been the same according to animal rights advocate Igor Purlantov. Wikipedia has become an excellent online encyclopedia source of information that allows people to research whatever and whenever they want and learn more about animals and animal welfare related topics. Wikipedia is an effective source of information since it is put together by reliable sources and people from around the world. All of the information on Wikipedia about animals and animal welfare has been researched and validated so that it can gives people comfort in trusting the information they are reading says Igor Purlantov.

It should not come as a surprise that animals are one of the most popular topics on Wikipedia. This is true for people across all ages and cultures as animals are able to capture the fascination of people from around the world. Wikipedia is one of the most frequently visited websites when people want to learn more about animals and animal welfare says Igor Purlantov. Here are some of the reasons that people turn to Wikipedia to learn about animals:

Complete Listing of Animals

Wikipedia has information on just about every animal says Igor Purlantov. This includes existing animals, endangered animals and even animal species that no longer exist. Information on all of these animals can be found on Wikipedia at anytime as someone just has to type the name of the animal they are interested in and Wikipedia will provide all of the information they need. Wikipedia has painstakingly gathered and cataloged information on just about each and every animal found on earth says Igor Purlantov. It has taken years to compile all of this information that can now easily be accessed by anyone at anytime.

Up Close Photographs of Animals

Throughout the years Wikipedia has compiled a huge amount of images of various animals says Igor Purlantov. With these documented images people can easily see in great detail what a particular animal really looks like. These wonderful pictures of animals always seem to excite children that are learning about different animals in school. With the use of digital technology, Wikipedia has been able to gather an extensive amount of animal images says Igor Purlantov. As for animals that no longer exist, caricatures have been created to accurately reflect what the animals once looked like.

Thorough and Useful Information

Wikipedia offers very detailed and useful information on a variety of animals says Igor Purlantov. There is information on an animal’s evolution, features, characteristics and even information on locations where the animal can be found. All of this information is organized by sections and makes it easy for readers to find exactly what they are looking for. The information on Wikipedia about animals also tends to come from researchers and is edited by trusted experts says Igor Purlantov.

Easy to Research and Understand

Wikipedia is structured so that is it easy to read and understand even when talking about various animal species. Scientific names and technical terms are only used when necessary. This makes it easy for people to research animals without having any scientific background says Igor Purlantov. Wikipedia makes researching animals easy and enjoyable for adults and children, which helps explain why it is so popular. Wikipedia has been able to elevate learning about animals to another level by making the information easy to access, useful to learn and easy to understand says Igor Purlantov.

Thanks to Wikipedia, there has been an increase in understanding about animals and animal welfare. Wikipedia has made it both and fun and interesting to learn more about animals which in turn has also raised awareness for animal rights and welfare. It is only a matter of time before Wikipedia becomes one of the top sources of information to help better understand animals and further animal rights says Igor Purlantov.