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The Home Canning Guide for Everyone Who Eats Ebook Tops Kindle Charts

Last updated Thursday, August 15, 2013 16:03 ET

A popular ebook that explains home canning gained high rankings in the Amazon Kindle store at the open of harvest season.

Battle Creek, USA, 08/15/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

With produce bursting from gardens, orchards, and fields, people are looking for information about home canning. The Home Canning Guide for Everyone Who Eats by urban agriculture enthusiast Tracy Falbe hit number one on August 15th in the Amazon Kindle cooking reference category. The guide is also staying well within the top 20 in the canning and preserving category.

Sales rankings fluctuate constantly within the Amazon Kindle store, but selling within the top 10 and top 20 demonstrates substantial reader interest. Rising food prices, concerns about food safety, and a burgeoning interest in local food security are driving a resurgence in the domestic heirloom skill of home canning.

Falbe’s home canning guide is a short ebook meant to quickly introduce people to the benefits of home canning and teach them the skills to safely preserve food in the home. It also contains a sampling of recipes, including the ever popular zucchini relish recipe, along with advice on how to find safe recipes from other sources.

“I am an advocate for the grow your own food lifestyle,” Falbe said.

Six years ago she taught herself home canning because of her interest in food security, quality food, and local food economies. While living in Chico, California she was invited to give a canning seminar at the Grange.

“I was amazed that 25 people showed up to watch me boil water,” Falbe said.

Then she appeared as a guest to explain home canning on the podcast More Hip Than Hippie. Her materials from her presentations later became the ebook The Home Canning Guide for Everyone Who Eats that she published in 2011.

“Home canning is such an important skill for the future,” Falbe said. “As food prices rise and quality diminishes, being able to make your own great recipes from local produce will help your budget and taste way better than anything at the supermarket.”

In addition to being available in the Amazon Kindle Store, The Home Canning Guide for Everyone Who Eats is also available on Barnes & Noble’s Nook, iTunes, Kobo, Sony, Smashwords, and directly from the author at www.falbepublishing.com.

The guide is also an audiobook at Audible, iTunes, or Falbe Publishing for people who have trouble reading text or want to learn about the home canning process while busy with something else.

Falbe is a novelist, currently living in Battle Creek, Michigan. In addition to writing and running her publishing company, she grows hundreds of pounds of produce in her yard and is busy preserving her harvest.