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Derby Cosmetics Creates New Web Store After Successful Run on eBay

Last updated Monday, August 19, 2013 10:12 ET

Derby Cosmetics Ltd., a popular Long Island N.Y. based fragrance retailer, has launched its new website for men’s and women’s fragrances.

Hicksville, USA, 08/19/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Derby Cosmetics Ltd., the Long Island N.Y. based fragrance retailer, is now doing business via its own website after a successful run marketing its wide selection of perfume, fragrances and cologne via eBay. The launch of the new site follows what company officials describe as an overwhelming level positive feedback from their eBay clients. "With more than 67,000 offering us feedback on eBay and a 99% positive rating, we figured it was time to expand the business to our own website,” says one company official.

Visitors to www.derbyfragrances.com will now find Derby's lineup of men’s and women’s fragrances, including many rare, discontinued and hard to find fragrances, in a variety of sizes. Anyone shopping for gifts will find amazing stocking stuffers, additions to birthday gifts, great gift basket items and ideas for organizing perfume parties or perhaps a unique theme for a bridal shower.

Derby’s line of miniature and sample size fragrances are an especially strong selling point given the stringent restrictions on carrying liquids when traveling by plane. Anyone who has had their favorite fragrance or cologne confiscated at the airport because of these travel regulations will certainly appreciate the options offered by Derby and how easy it is to carry your favorite fragrance onboard a plane and still comply with FAA travel restrictions.

As they say at Derby Cosmetics, "In our business size matters!" The ability to carry your favorite scent with you wherever you go can never be taken too lightly. Whether you need to refresh after the gym or if you're out with friends, family or on a date, Derby samples and minis are ideal to carry in your car console, in a lady's purse or a man's pocket.

Another reason why Derby's sample sized fragrances are so popular is the fact that these products give the consumer an ideal, inexpensive way to keep an assortment of fragrances on hand to satisfy any and every mood or occasion, whither to stay fresh for the workday or prepare for a spicy, seductive night out on on the town.

About Derby Cosmetics Ltd.: Derby Cosmetics Ltd., is based in Long Island, N.Y. The company has been in the fragrance industry for more than two decades, offering 100% guaranteed designer fragrances from the same suppliers for the last 15 years. Derby’s complete line up of men’s and women’s fragrances can now be purchased in a variety of sizes right on the company’s new website at DerbyFrangrances.com.

For more information about Derby Cosmetics Ltd., visit their website or call 516-433-1625.