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Seller Uncovers Amazing Treasure Finds!

Last updated Wednesday, August 21, 2013 23:15 ET

Rebecca Yurkanin Gets Top Returns on Investments at Ebay Auctions.

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Rebecca Yurkanin loves auctions. Even more, she loves to find that overlooked item that brings her a great return on her investment, and brings joy to her customers. Rebecca says, “When I go to local auctions, it isn't the top-selling items that everyone else is bidding on that excite me. It is the hidden treasures that no one -- not even me -- knows about. So I buy cheap boxes with lots of items in them, and hope I find at least one hidden treasure, one sought after item. When I later sell my finds on eBay, I hope at least two people will bid against each other, higher and higher, to even more than I thought possible. Now, I haven’t gotten rich doing this, but I’ve come across some great stuff.”

EBay allows Ms. Yurkanin to reach a nationwide audience, and is a great way to research her finds as well. She recounted her first big find. “A few years ago, I had bought several box lots of Avon decanters. Now Avon decanters rarely sell, so I got them all very cheap -- about $20 for several boxes of them. The hidden gem in there wasn't an Avon decanter at all. It was an empty vintage ‘Prince Matchabelli’ perfume bottle. So I researched this bottle on eBay. Others were selling for $20 to $50. What I didn't realize was that those bottles were about 2 inches tall. The one I had in my possession was 8 inches tall. So when I put it on eBay, I was thrilled when there were lots of bids on it to begin with. But when it finally sold for $800, I had to find out why. The winning buyer told me the bottle was a commercial display back in Germany before the war, a very rare find, and probably the only one that was ever sold on eBay.”

Other surprise treasures included an old painting and a miniature England teacup.

Rebecca started on eBay as a buyer, and eventually started selling her own personal items, as most people have. Later her packrat father decided to clear out some of his things, including highly sought-after old computer parts and HP calculators.

EBay may start as a hobby, but if it turns into an actual business you will need to do the paperwork correctly. Sellers with more than 200 transactions or with revenue greater than $20,000 per year will receive Form 1099K from PayPal. A copy is also sent to the IRS. So, save your receipts, even the ones you can deduct from your income, like printing paper or packing supplies. Ms. Yurkanin says, “Organizing taxes has created such a headache for me, but I still don't mind hunting for hidden treasures. Even the ones that don't make me much money have history and often hold strong memories for my customers, such as a toy from their childhood.”

Feedback is an important part of the eBay auction process. Ms. Yurkanin appreciates creating an honest and reliable experience for her customers. She comments, “I usually do not get repeat customers because my items vary widely, but just making them happy -- and getting great feedback for my products and service -- often proves that I like what I do. As of today, I have 100% positive feedback. This can change at any time, of course, since you can’t please every customer that comes your way, but I really try hard to keep it positive for both of us.”

You can see all her feedback online at eBay. Here are a few examples.

This seller is AWESOME in taking care of her customers! Cute dolls. Thank you.

Item was received quickly and exactly as described. Great seller.

Lovely ornament, well packed for fast, safe shipping! Thanks

Wow. Nicer in person. Received item extremely fast. Highly recommend. Thanks

Outstanding service. Extremely prompt!

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