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Why Wedding Photography So Expensive

Last updated Monday, September 9, 2013 19:39 ET

The 3 least talked about reasons why wedding photography is so expensive.

09/09/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The 3 least talked about reasons why wedding photography is so expensive.

First and foremost, understand that I'm making a living as a photographer, and part of the reason why I've been so successful is, because I'm open and honest with all my customers. I treat them like family. And yes, sometimes they don't like what I have to say, but then again, I don't like it when the dentist tells me that I have three cavities, but it's the truth. My clients respect ands appreciate me for it. It's also one of the reasons why so many of my new clients are the friends of old ones. What you'll read here are the facts, plain and simple. And yes, there are other circumstances that do play a role in determining the prices for wedding photography such as the quantity, quality and size of a wedding album, and add ons like a photo booth or video services, but I'm only covering the 3 least talked about reasons.

The first hidden cost that wedding photographers don't like to talk about is date popularity, which means that there's a certain time of year (a month,season,or day of the week) that is consistently the most popular time of the year. In the Hudson Valley for example we have four seasons, and the Fall season tends to be the most popular time of year for weddings in the Hudson Valley. Fall is the most sought after time of year, so photographers don't give it away cheaply, because they know they can book it. The second lesser known cost is talent. The more talented the photographer is, the more money he/she can demand for their services, because they know that people will pay it. And the last and least talked about hidden cost is photographer popularity. The more popular the wedding photographer is, the more friends of yours that he or she has photographed, the more they can demand for their services.

Hudson Valley Photographers are entrepreneurs by nature and being self employed means that you have to account for every expense, even the little ones that might seem insignificant like the electricity it takes to run a computer or charge a battery. I hope you've found this article to be honest and helpful.

All things being equal, the best things you could do to save money on your photography is pay with cash, and book as late as possible, because the later you wait, the more desperate the venders become.