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IAMNAYAH, Not Just Another Pop Star!

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DALLAS, UNITED STATES, 09/12/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

What does it take to become Iconic, well Tanaya Hartley knows , because she is making her way and doing it fast! This young lady is making a buzz on youtube, facebook, and even twitter. Singing since the age of 5 years old. Everywhere she went Nayah was going to make her self heard. She stood out and you knew that she was extra special, when she belted out songs like pop star Rihanna with ease. Her modeling career took a flight early on, as she was asked to model and perform on VH1's Football Wives, by Chanita Campbell Foster. Her sister's and Nayah were asked to sing an original song, written by Tiana TDani Hartley Nayah's sister on the show. Unfortunately, this musical piece ended being edited out.

Nayah didn't stop there, she was even more determined to keep pushing forward. As a model, She has later was represented by Kim Dawson Agency and The Lynette Group of Dallas who's owner Sheree Brown is retired football legends Tim Brown's wife. . Nayah has been a featured model in JcPennys ads, Chanita Campbell Foster's clothing lines, Merci-Belle, by Mercedes Nelson and a host of others. Nayah has worked with Jerry & Jackie Rice Entertainment as she performer in the group, "Breathe" which consisted of her and her two sisters for an extremely short time span. Still running into brick walls as she calls them Nayah continued to press forward toward her dreams. Nayah has performed musically at various local and state to state stages. She has a unique voice, with a Pop and R&B sound.

In 2013 Nayah's Management Group, Bemgroupp owned by her, her mom and her sister's and Shine Management Group of Milwaukee Wisconsin, in an joint effort secured a label deal for the star with Rapper Mase who just launched his new label Rich Fish Records. Rapper Mase, upon first hearing the Nayah, said, "God told him that Nayah would be a huge star": Unfortunately, Nayah grew from Rich Fish & Shine in the same year. But, Mase even though they choose to part ways and not continue working together, wished the young star well, as she did him. Now as a free agent she is back in the studio working on her highly anticipated first complete music project. She is excited about her up and coming collaborations with rapper Mike Jones. She also, has garnered the attention of well respected industry agents from Def Jam, Epic and Universal.

With her smooth vocals, intelligent, youthful, fun and sexy flavor she will rock the world. With a voice like silk, a flavor that is unique in a time when music and it's artists are starting to sound the same, there is nothing like this young lady. Nayah enlisted the help of her amazing sister Tiana "TDani" Hartley to write her music. Tiana is also and amazing talent too big for her time. Her writing skills with Nayahs voice is a winning team. Of Nayah's voice it is said that she has a doubstep sound and has been dubbed the queen of it, thanks to her collaboration with BI-Polar Beatz on her songs Touch and Take Me which can be found on ITUNES here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/i-am-nayah/id558494498.

This year Tynicka Battle's Ceo of Think Tank Digital said Nayah was an amazing talent is and is set to release her full scale marketing campaign as early as Oct 2013. Ms. Battle first heard of the young star a few years ago and even then knew she had a voice that needed to be heard. Think Tank Digital is responsible for many of todays hottests artists and talent marketing campaigns such as: Lady GaGa and Kevin Hart's Laugh At My Pain to name a few. Nayah is blessed to have parents who fund her music career unselfishly, but hopes to gain major label support and to one day give back to her parents for supporting her dreams. Nayah with the help of her dad Bobby and his business partner Fred, along with Mike Jones was introduced to the CEO, JC. of Agora Entertainment Studios Dallas.

Recently, she began talks with Agora Entertainment for her very own reality televison show that will focus on her life and the making of her as an icon. It will feature her, her parents who are in the ministry; her dad a Bishop , mom a not so traditional pastor, sisters who sing also and her brother who is a character all by himself. She awaits her chance to fulfill her dream of being iconic. But, with God on her side she knows she can do anything! One thing is for sure, the world awaits the 2013 release of Nayah's new project. Make sure you check out Nayahs new release "Nation" on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnqsANi6OWc.

Nayah is now booking performances, videos, acting, modeling, features and non-profit performance. Please email her managemt at: [email protected]

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Nayah on VHI

VH1: http://www.vh1.com/video/misc/595976/mercedes-nelsons-fashion-show.jhtml = Nayah was featured in the Mercedes Nelson Fashion show, also Chanita Campbell Fosters Fashion show along with what was not shown she sang for the show with her sisters.