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Apptology Builds Smartphone and Tablet Apps for the Medical Industry

Last updated Thursday, September 19, 2013 16:53 ET

“The impact of our app has been significant. We started receiving orders on our app on the first day.” –S. Kilgarlin, CMO, American Screening Corporation

Folsom, USA, 09/19/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Apptology, a leading mobile app developer, has developed a number of apps geared for the medical industry. With over a dozen medical related apps developed, Apptology has extensive experience in navigating HIPAA compliance and providing proper safe guards to protect patient data when necessary. Here are examples of medical related apps developed by Apptology:

• iBleed: patient-oriented factor tracking application for the iPhone and iPod Touch designed by and for people living with Hemophilia. It offers users a simple and convenient method for tracking factor infusions and calculating the resulting factor levels over time. Funded by a grant from Pfizer
• i-Vision: developed for Essilor, this android app helps the user choose the correct lens through an easy to use interface
• DocRefferal: developed for Dignity Health, is an iPad app that provides lists of specialists within the Dignity Health network after a few taps on the screen. The program can search by location, gender, language, specialty and other data, an important referral tool as the medical network grows. This app is developed as an internal enterprise app for Dignity Health.
• Drug Test Info: developed for the American Screening Corporation, this app can be used as a resource for parents and anyone concerned about drug testing. This app was a finalist for the 2012 Tabby Award in the business category.

“The impact of our app has been significant. We started receiving orders on our app from the first day it was published.” -Shawn Kilgarlin, CMO, American Screening Corporation
In addition to the apps that Apptology has publically published, they have worked with several medial start-ups in developing prototypes to help them demonstrate proof –of-concepts to investors. Apptology can also meet the needs of Small Medium Business (SMB) and has developed apps for small medical and dental practices.
Based in Northern California, Apptology is the leading mobile applications development and mobile marketing company. They are unique in their service offering because they are able to address the needs of both SMB and the enterprise requirements of the Fortune 500.

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