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Extreme Nation presents Hobie Call Colosseum Obstacle Adventure

Last updated Monday, October 7, 2013 16:37 ET

Extreme Nation premiere event is February 8, 2014 at Hidden Creek Recreational Park in Zephyrhills, Florida.

Monroe, US, 10/07/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Extreme Nation will unleash the Hobie Call Colosseum Obstacle Adventure on February 8, 2014 at Hidden Creek Recreational Park in Zephyrhills, Florida. A new spin on the increasingly popular mud run and obstacle challenge course racing events, the Hobie Call Colosseum Obstacle Adventure from Extreme Nation will offer participants what they really crave: extreme adventure, extreme prizes, and extreme fun.

With the industry’s first $40,000 in prizes at each event, Extreme Nation is boldly reinventing the industry. “Extreme Nation is ecstatic also to be the first to award cash to the top 48 competitors, as opposed to only 6 or 10, the norm for most other events,” explains VP/Director of Operations Hunter Brucks. “Plus, Florida is home to Disney and Universal Studios. The state understands spectacle and excitement; that’s why we have selected this state for our premiere event. Our Colosseum is a destination. It’s something pro and novice athletes, and anyone longing for adventure, will want to travel for. With world class and the first of their kind obstacles, our course is designed to feel like a theme park.”

“This is Indiana Jones meets the Incredible Race,” exclaims world obstacle course champion Hobie Call. “This is a course that is so action packed with fun, excitement, and prizes, that it deserved to have my name on it. Extreme Nation has allowed me to design a course that turns the industry upside down.”

With an innovative spin, Extreme Nation is presenting the Hobie Call Colosseum Obstacle Adventure as a football stadium sized spectacle. "When we were children, working out was fun. We weren't exercising, we were playing. Then, somewhere along the line, they took our playgrounds away and replaced them with pavement and iron weights. Now we have 30% obesity in the country, and the rate is quickly rising. Obstacle racing is putting "fun" back into exercise, and Extreme Nation is going to bring you the most action-packed spectator friendly race you've ever seen,” promises Call.

“Get ready,” exclaims Extreme Nation course and obstacle designer Joe Lackey, “the revolution is here!” With a sense to deliver experiential, one-of-a-kind action and adventure through innovative obstacles, Lackey is proud to unveil the next shift in the paradigm for the industry. “Everyone is familiar with Apple products. We all love the iPhone and its sense of wonder because of design. It is that product’s heart and soul. What we have done at Extreme Nation is taken that practice of the ruthless perfection of design and applied it to our colosseum and obstacles. When you step foot onto our course, and see it for the first time, you will literally feel the exhilaration of the thrills, adventure, and fun that are in store for you.”

With incredibly easy access from Tampa and Orlando, Extreme Nation is upping the ante in terms of fun and adventure to attract tourists as well as locals. Registration officially begins October 18, 2013 at www.ExtremeNation.com. Additional events are already scheduled through June of next year, and the Extreme Nation website allows users to sound off about bringing an event to their own neighborhood.

Click on www.ExtremeNation.com today for additional information and videos.