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Create your own Business Website: A Step by Step Guide

Last updated Thursday, October 10, 2013 07:09 ET

BizClout started in 2012 with a vision of website for everyone.

10/10/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

BizClout started in 2012 with a vision of website for everyone. It started as a normal website editor and with the time it evolved as a product to boost your business and products.

By building a website with BizClout you do not only get a website but your products are also getting listed on a high traffic shopping portal, AdClout.com. With this integration you get a Prebuilt audience for your products and greater chances to get more customers.

BizClout has made website development so easy that a person who just knows how to use the internet can make a great website. BizClout does not involve you with any coding or make your hands dirty with html or you don’t even need to think how it will be made.

BizClout take all the pain and you just need to provide your business information and your site is live.

I will take you through all those easy steps which will help you in making a great website for you. Let’s see how this process works and why it’s so easy.

Choose a template for your website

BizClout got a large pool of website templates which gives you a large variety to select a template for your website. In such a large pool you can find many of the best fits for your business. You can find each template in multiple coloring themes.

Define your Business Line

After selecting a template you need to define the nature of your business. This is an easy step in which you define a few related categories which best define your business e.g. Women Clothes and Women Shoes.

Define categories for your products

Here you need to define categories in your own words in which you want your products to be categorized.

For example you will write some categories as Bridal Dresses, Women Party Dresses.

You may define Bridal Shoes and High Heels Party Shoes.

This is how you will organize your products and while uploading your products you should post them in the relevant category.

Provide details about your Business

After these steps you need to provide logo, slogan for your business. Contact details of your business and for sure you would like to put up a banner and images for your categories.

Believe me you are done.

All your information will be submitted for a review and after that you can start using your website.

Sign in with your created login and password and you will have all those categories which you earlier defined for your products and start uploading your products.

All your products will be uploaded on your website in the same cool theme you selected for your business and these products will be available on AdClout, the busiest online shopping mall as well.

In this way you will start getting customers immediately as they are already there.

BizClout removes all the technical pain and let you focus on your business and your products. You can focus more on selling by using this mind free technology. Get website quickly with no pain and boost your business in the global marketplace.