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Advomas Responds to ACA Process Challenges with Launch of “AdvoSure”

Last updated Monday, October 14, 2013 15:43 ET

Advomas, an industry leader in healthcare payer sourcing, announces the launch of AdvoSure to streamline and expedite payment processing.

Troy, US, 10/14/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

As a national industry leader in health care payer sourcing, Advomas is leading the way to improve income management and enhance revenue cycles as America moves ahead with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

With the impact of the ACA presenting significant questions that affect every aspect of health care delivery and reimbursement, Advomas has launched AdvoSure, a comprehensive suite of services designed to help clients traverse the complex issues impacting their business with the advent of national health care reform.

The ACA is a game-changer creating new mandates that impose significant responsibilities on providers and consumers in order to maximize reimbursements and complete the payment process. More than just a new product, AdvoSure offers Advomas clients a one-stop resource for patients and providers to help secure the appropriate coverage for their particular circumstance or help to find resolution to the most challenging situations.

“AdvoSure allows our clients to have all the tools in the toolbox at their disposal,” said Robert Barbour, CEO of Advomas. “We know there are serious questions about how the new system is designed to work and it is our job to help provide answers. As a solutions-based company, we are prepared to identify the correct answer to virtually any situation.”

With Advomas’ strategic relationships with licensed health insurance brokerages, navigator organizations and pending Certified Application Counselor Designated Organization designation, the AdvoSure approach provides a comprehensive methodology to maximize patient enrollment through state and federally facilitated ACA marketplaces. In states like Michigan where Medicaid has been expanded, the AdvoSure process will help facilitate eligibility determinations for the influx of the newly eligible.

The AdvoSure approach begins with highly trained professionals conducting a comprehensive review of the possible subsidies that help a patient understand their coverage options given their medical circumstance. Once armed with information regarding subsidy and cost options, the comprehensive AdvoSure process continues with a thorough presentation of the choices available to secure further assistance. If patients choose, Advomas professionals can assist them in securing a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) that best meets their needs and get them enrolled.

Providers are invited to utilize AdvoSure as a one-stop resource for issues dealing with the complexities of health care reform. With new concerns emerging every day, Advomas goes beyond simply expanding its best-in-class patient eligibility and enrollment services by offering its clients AdvoSure concierge service to help lead them through the maze of unfolding issues surrounding the ACA.

Advomas works tirelessly for patients by expediting the Medicaid enrollment process where appropriate and streamlining the process for securing a QHP under the ACA that maintains a consistent and reliable revenue flow for providers. And with the health care landscape emerging and shifting on a daily basis, Advomas is working to clear a path to profitability by using its expertise on behalf of its clients in this ever-changing environment.