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Big Spence lands role in "I'm In Love With A Church Girl"

Last updated Monday, October 14, 2013 11:51 ET

Actor, Big Spence throws on the cuffs on set of "I'm In Love With A Church Girl" starring Ja Rule.

10/14/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Actor, Big Spence will be seen 'busting the bad guys' on October 18, 2013 when, "I'm in Love With a Church Girl" starring Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailton, Michael Madsen, Big Spence and Steven Baldwin, as well as many other talented cast members premiers in movie theaters across America.

'Miles Montego', (Ja Rule) is a big time drug trafficker; a man who seems to have everything money can buy. Unfortunately, 'Miles' ends up doing jail time for his criminal ways. Once out of jail, 'Miles' decides he wants to change his ways but just can't leave his home boys like 'Percy Taylor' (Chris Marsol) alone. The boys keep him everywhere except where he needs to be, 'on the straight and narrow'. The head of the DEA (Stephen Baldwin) is not buying the change and makes sure his team is paying close attention to any unusual activity.

'Vannessa Leon' portrayed by Adrienne Bailon captures Mile's attention with her beauty and faith in God. 'She' is the reason Miles "almost" changes his ways. Big Spence steps in to flex his signature guns and do the dirty work, cuffing the bad guys. 'Martin', played by Christian Rapper "T-Bone" rounds out Miles' crew. "I'm In Love With A Church Girl", was directed by Steve Race (The Beach House) and written by Youth Pastor Galley Molina, who is also widely known as the CEO and Founder of 'Reverence Gospel Media LLCC', who has signed many chart-topping artists.