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eLaunch Technologies Moves to Manhattan

Last updated Monday, October 14, 2013 02:20 ET

eLaunch Technologies, Inc. chooses New York City as it's permanent headquarters location.

New York, United States, 10/14/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

After 2 years of consideration, eLaunch Technologies has chosen New York city as it's headquarters location. The choices of location for the new headquarters were: Palo Alto, CA, Trenton, NJ, Arlington, VA, Tampa, FL, and New York City. An executive at the company stated that "New York City was the obvious choice for forward thinking startups, that are focused on innovation and technology development.

eLaunch Technologies was founded and incorporated in New Orleans, LA in 2010. The company began with a focus on CMMS and Defense software. The company has since expanded it's product offerings to include various products and services. Some of eLaunch's products include compensation analysis software, systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, decision support software and systems, financial software systems, and various other high-tech IT products.

elaunch is expected to finalize it's move into New York City by the summer of 2014. The company expects to create 20 jobs within the first 6 months of its move, and many additional jobs within the first 18 months of moving to New York City. A spokeswoman for the company stated that the company could add as many as 50 new jobs in addition to the current projections, if the company's research of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) is carried out in New York. The company has not yet decided if it will conduct UAV research in New York City.

With New York City hosting various tech companies and tech talent, eLaunch Technologies executives have high hopes of positioning the company to grow substantially due to it's decision to come into New York City. eLaunch will not discontinue it's operations in New Orleans at this time. The company has, however, reduced it's number of employees to less than 5 part-time employees. The company hopes to open additional offices in Palo Alto, Miami, and Portland soon. Further details on the opening of these offices have not been released yet.