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TTR Releases “Build A Matrix” - first customizable, Sales and Use Tax Matrix

Last updated Friday, October 18, 2013 07:00 ET

Using Build a Sales & Use Tax Matrix is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

McMinnville, USA, 10/18/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

“BAM!” TTR Releases “Build A Matrix” – the first ever fully customizable, updated and sharable Sales and Use Tax Matrix in the U.S.

TTR, Inc., has just released a fully customizable, maintained and sharable sales and use tax matrix for U.S. transactions.
Build A Matrix ("BAM!")

This feature is called "Build a Matrix". Using Build a Matrix is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. BUILD your custom matrix by selecting only the states you want and only the items you want;
2. SAVE your custom matrix with the exact name you want and choose from over a dozen custom images; and
3. SHARE your matrix – enterprise wide – everyone with access to TTR on your team will be able to use the matrix you created!
BAM! Done. As TTR developed the Build a Matrix feature, the research and programming teams would routinely yell "BAM!" as results came out the other side – hence the acronym – "BAM".

"Users of the Build a Matrix feature have access to over 50,000 goods and services across all states. A user can build their own matrix, save it under their own name, select a custom image from over 20 available images and share it with everyone in their enterprise. Gone are the days of having to download a matrix and forward it to another group within a company. It is all saved and kept up to date – in real time! There has never been a sales and use tax tool as powerful or comprehensive as this one. The closest competitor has less than 300 goods and services to choose from." – Alex Bowling, Director of Technology.

"We are really excited about this release. Funny enough, one of the toughest parts was figuring out what images to make available for our subscribers to use in saving their own Build a Matrix. Animals, places and seasons of the year won out over many other ideas. Yet, the debate didn't end there – it had just started! Dogs, cats, ferrets? State capitols, countries, famous destinations? Fortunately for everyone there are only four seasons! Joking aside, creating this feature was a fun and collaborative effort for all of our teams, as well as our subscribers. It is with sincere gratitude that we release this feature – gratitude to our subscribers. It was TTR subscribers that asked for ways to make our sales and use tax answers available to others within their enterprise. We quickly took their great idea and, several months later, we have the Build a Matrix feature and many, many happy subscribers!" - Shon Holyfield, CEO.
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