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Is SOM Media Inc really Becoming the next Evolution Of Media?

Last updated Monday, October 28, 2013 22:15 ET

SOM Media Inc is now preparing for their upcoming media campaign and expansion into Canada, also releasing some great content for the viewers and readers.

Atlanta, United States, 10/28/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

SOM Media Inc is the premier multi-media platform for both male and female consumers of all age groups. Their audience is amazed by their cutting edge outlook on fashion, health, entertainment, music, and community topics. They reach their audiences through their profound social influence, as well as their organic marketing methods. By offering a host of services from media, consultations, broadcast, marketing, advertising, branding, public relations, and more they have become a private central for the evolution of media.

At the pinnacle of the SOM Media platform, is their mainframe site spacedoutmagazine.com, which thrives as the influential front line for the SOM Magazine. SOM has become one of the #1 resources for entertainment news, and social awareness in the community.

Spacedoutmagazine.com is the gateway to a very evolving way of media and its diverse up bringing.

As SOM Media Inc prepares for the start of it's media campaign, they are gearing up for company expansion in different countries, and creating jobs for the public. Currently SOM Media Inc is releasing MLH Magazine and Kitchen Forreal Magazine both to start digitally, and move to print early next year. Also, finally able for preparation is the children's book "Romule" set to release November 2013, digitally and print.

With 2013 beginning the break out year for SOM Media Inc it will be set to open a new office December 2013, in Atlanta, Ga. From billboards to major publication coverage, it is truly time for SOM Media Inc to make its way to the top!