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Roles, Responsibilities Evolve for Boxer Property Executives

Last updated Wednesday, October 30, 2013 13:46 ET

Boxer Property announced today that two of its executives’ roles have changed. This move reflects Boxer’s evolution and growth over the past several years.

Houston, 10/30/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Andrew Segal, who founded Boxer Property in 1992, is assuming the role of Chairman & CEO, focusing on acquisitions, company strategy, and corporate relations.

Justin Segal, who until recently has been the Chief Operating Officer, is assuming the role of President. In this role, Justin will continue to manage leasing, property management, marketing, engineering & construction, and technology, in addition to overseeing Boxer’s sustainability and innovation programs.

Other long-time key executives include: John Rentz, General Counsel; Jeff Harris, Chief Financial Officer; and Michael Pariza, President of Boxer Retail and Boxer Resorts.

This move reflects Boxer’s evolution and growth over the past several years as it has expanded into new markets, developed an enterprise technology platform, and added hotels and resorts to its asset mix. In addition, the company has successfully rolled out BEST, its energy & sustainability program to all of its properties.

Boxer’s newest office product, called Boxer Workstyle, is a collaborative work environment combining elements of coworking and executive suites. Since its implementation earlier this year, Boxer Workstyle has received exceptionally positive results as a response to changing workplace needs. Boxer has more than 200,000 square feet of Workstyle space currently in planning or under construction.

About Boxer Property
Boxer Property is celebrating 21 years as an innovative commercial real estate investment and management company. Boxer specializes in maximizing the value of under-performing properties through aggressive leasing and hands-on management. Founded in 1992, Boxer Property Management Corporation is a privately held firm based in Houston that manages, leases, and administers office, retail, and hospitality projects with 16 million square feet across more than 140 locations, nationwide. For more information, visit BoxerProperty.com

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