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MAX Grow LED Lights Join Eco-Lite Line of Specialty Lighting Products

Last updated Wednesday, November 13, 2013 10:45 ET

MAX Grow LED Lights joins the extensive line of specialty lighting from Eco-Lite Products representing the latest in LED technology for indoor gardens.

Tappan, USA, 11/13/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Eco-Lite Products LLC., announces the introduction of their newest line of LED lights, MAX Grow lights. The Max Grow Light family of LED lights was designed by Eco-Lite Products specifically for cultivating indoor plant and vegetable gardens. MAX Grow lights are manufactured using the latest LED technology, an area of expertise that Eco-Lite Products knows better than any company in the industry given their 30 years of experience in the lighting business.

Eco-Lite president Jeff Gasman had this to say about his company's newest product, "While many grow lights companies have spent precious manufacturing dollars making their grow lights look cool using outrageous designs or color patterns, we used those dollars to create a grow light that was effective."
The MAX Grow family of LED lighting products includes the MAX 600, MAX 400 and the MAX 200 troffer style lights that can easily be suspended using a simple chain and hook. Eco-Lite has also developed the MAX Red and MAX Blue grow lights, which screw into any standard socket. One is used for growing and the other for flowering.

To describe Max Grow lights as 'effective' is something of an understatement considering that these LED grow lights are manufactured using principles developed by NASA engineers and scientists for growing plants in outer space. They are designed so that both growth and flowering can be achieved using just one fixture, thereby eliminating the need to use two different fixtures, which is required using other companies products.

Another important feature and technological advancement of the MAX Grow family of LED lights is that their advanced design does not require an internal fan to cool the light, meaning that the MAX Grow light will operate in complete silence. In addition, with a maximum wattage of 125W for the Max 600 these lights will produce significant energy savings over conventional, higher wattage grow lights

MAX Grow lights are already a big hit with many Eco-Lite clients, despite the fact that they are a relatively new product. "Max Grow Lights are the best LED grow lights we have ever seen. The plants just seem to love this light and the results are far better than HPS," said Max Grow Lights client Geoff from X-Advantage Supply in Missoula, MT. "Most importantly, buying Max Grow Lights will pay for itself over and over,” he added.

MAX Grow lights are the result of two years of factory and field tests, tests that emphasized producing large healthy plants and maximum yields. Not satisfied with the fact that most LED grow lights can grow just 2-4 plants under one light, Eco-Lite decided to push the envelope and give customers more for their money. “We weren’t looking to equal what the competition was doing. We were looking to jump leaps and bounds over the competition," said Gasman. He then added, "We're confident that we achieved this and more. Our LED grow lights allow the grower to place up to twelve plants under one of our MAX 600 LED grow light without compromising plant growth or health.”

While other grow lights on the market might be prettier, Gasman knows that function beats flash any day of the week, especially when it comes to grow lights. “Grow lights aren’t parked in a driveway for neighbors to see. They are usually in a closet or basement," says Gasman "Cool designs and colors are meaningless as the only important element to a grow light is its effectiveness.” After hearing quotes like these from the Eco-Lite president it's no surprise that the company motto for the MAX Grow light family of products is simply, 'It just works.'

About Eco-Lite Products LLC - Eco-Lite Products, LLC, is the industry leader in specialty lighting products. The company began over 30 years ago when fluorescent and halogen lighting technology was the norm and now they are on the forefront of LED lighting technology. Their lighting products can be found in the most prestigious jewelry stores in the world, the finest optical stores, salons and spas in the U.S. and in retail clothing locations in the U.S., the Caribbean and Europe. Visit MAX Grow lights on Twitter at http://twitter.com/maxgrowlights

For more information about Eco-Lite Products LLC., and MAX Grow Lights visit their website at www.maxgrowlights.com or call 845-365-9770.