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Service Focuses on Building Sociable Communities to Attract and Retain Leases

Last updated Tuesday, November 26, 2013 18:41 ET

Cuttle has one goal, to bring community back to multifamily housing. Cuttle provides a micro social network and digital noticeboard to multifamily housing.

Beverly Hills , USA, 11/26/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Cuttle defines the next generation of digital amenities for multifamily housing. Combining a property exclusive social network with a cutting edge digital signage solution, Cuttle allows property managers to provide a more social atmosphere to increase resident satisfaction and attract new leases. Property managers can use the system to post announcements, organize events and use the data gathered to better gauge their resident’s interests and needs. Keeping a finger on the community’s pulse, property managers can also address issues before they arise and make smarter decisions on marketing and budget allocation.

While managers have an amazing resource to improve their community, residents of Cuttle communities benefit from a safer and more sociable environment. Residents are also given the ability to easily arrange events, privately message neighbors and safely lend & borrow items knowing the system is tracking the transactions at every step. Residents in Cuttle communities build a connection with the system and property that transcends beyond physical amenities to increase renewals and referrals.

Cuttle’s digital community board, supplied to premium Cuttle communities, connects the online with the offline with a live view of everything going on in that community. The 42” LED TV controlled by managers through an online portal has been described as the industry’s most user friendly. With a few clicks property managers can post images along with event details and announcements to their Cuttle TV saving them tons of time and money on design and printing. If content needs removing from Cuttle TV, it takes just one click and is removed simultaneously from the site.

“With Millenials being more social, technologically savvy and demanding of the latest amenities, Cuttle’s technology is helping properties become more relevant while being able to focus on what really matters to their business. Leases.” – Jonathan Calmus – CEO & Co-Founder

Properties can become Cuttle Communities starting at only $199 per month regardless of the size of the community. For more information visit cuttle.com/communities or email [email protected].