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New Innovative Breast Augmentation Product Offered by Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Last updated Monday, December 2, 2013 20:16 ET

Dr. Smith now offers the breast implant product Mentor MemoryShape implants as one of the few certified surgeons offering this procedure in this area of the US

12/02/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Dr. Smith and his staff at Smith Plastic Surgery Institute, are excited to announce a new option that has been recently added to their body enhancing surgeries. Now, Mentor MemoryShape implants offer you an implant option that creates a more natural looking breast for those who opt to undergo the augmentation procedure with this implant option.

Dr. Lane F. Smith is one of the few plastic surgeons in Las Vegas to earn his certification to perform this procedure with the new implant. The new implant is in a teardrop shape, rather than the traditional round or oval implants that are typically seen, which creates a more balanced shape and feel for a woman’s breast. If you are seeking a more natural looking silhouette, this implant is the ideal solution.

The Mentor MemoryShape breast implants are filled with a cohesive type of gel and have a tapered appearance that is unique from other, traditional types of implants. Unlike the round versions, the Mentor MemoryShape implants are much thinner at the top, due to the tapered shape, and have a gentle slope to provide a fuller projection point at the bottom of the implant, which more accurately mimics the natural silhouette of a woman’s breast.

“These implants are introducing a new option for women seeking a more natural appearance for their breast implants,” stated Eden Hatle Machado, of Smith Plastic Surgery Institute. “Dr. Smith offers this option to women who are seeking an implant that provides a more natural appearing implant.”

Mentor MemoryShape implants have been available outside of the United States for over 10 years and carry with them a huge amount of clinical research supporting their effectiveness and safety. Now, Dr. Smith, Las Vegas plastic surgeon is offering this implant option for women in this area, giving them the ability to a natural looking breast, even with the use of an implant.

Also available at the Smith Plastic Surgery Institute are Sientra shaped implants. The Sientra implants are an excellent alternative to Mentor MemoryShape because, like Mentor MemoryShape, Sientra shaped implants mimic the natural formation of a woman’s breast with round, oval and classic bases.

If you are ready to see the way the Mentor MemoryShape or Sientra shaped implants look and feel, contact Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Smith today for an evaluation of your specific condition and to determine if breast implants are right for you.