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Southern Surgical Arts Launches New Website Features to Enhance User Experience

Last updated Tuesday, December 3, 2013 11:01 ET

Southern Surgical Arts, known for superior cosmetic surgery services, has now updated its website, in order to enhance user experiences.

12/03/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Southern Surgical Arts, a brand synonymous with innovative cosmetic procedures and excellent patient care, has now launched new features to its site, enhancing the user experience even more. Users have several new ways to interact with the company and find information they are seeking. Additionally, users have access to information that can help them make educated decisions about cosmetic procedures they are considering.

For example, information about the surgeons at Southern Surgical Arts is easily found on a homepage icon, which leads directly to the information about the doctors’ training, experience and expertise. The homepage also offers links to the latest blogs, awards and recognitions the doctors have received and resources for patients. Each option is easy to find and located in plain view on the homepage.

Some of the specific new features offered on Southern Surgical Arts include a Welcome Video, explaining all of the details and benefits offered by doctors, a schedule now button for easy appointments, the ability to sign up for email updates and tips and eBooks that users can download.

Southern Surgical Arts is dedicated to educating patients about new procedures, benefits that are offered, and how these surgeons are on the cutting edge of cosmetic procedures.

“We want to offer our patients the absolute best experience possible, whether on our website, at their appointment or during their surgery,” said Dr. Nease, a triple-board certified cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon at Southern Surgical Arts. “We really try to help our patients on the front end by giving them access to information on our website.”

The newly designed site also offers patients access to talk to doctors and other staff about potential procedures, allowing them to get real answers about questions they may have.

To learn more about the latest developments on the Southern Surgical Arts website, please visit www.southernsurgicalarts.com. Be sure to explore the educational pieces, blogs and tips offered by our doctors and staff and enjoy the new, easier-to-use interface offered by the updated design.