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TUF-Line Renews Sponsorship for Fishing University's 2014 television season

Last updated Wednesday, December 11, 2013 07:00 ET

Announcement was made today of TUF-Line continuing their sponsorship of the Outdoor Channel's Fishing University into the 2014 television season.

Santa Fe, USA, 12/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Announcement was made today of TUF-Line continuing their sponsorship of the Outdoor Channel's Fishing University into the 2014 television season. "We are delighted to continue a long-standing relationship with TUF-Line into this next television season", said Debra Talley, Vice President of Program Development for Fishing University. "Our association with TUF-Line is so much more than just a sponsorship...it is a partnership that we embrace as our opportunity to help them grow and spread the word about the superior quality of the lines they produce", continued Talley.

“Fishing University has been an integral part of our advertising and marketing campaign”, said Ted Thibault, National Sales Manager for TUF-Line. “The format of the show really gives an in depth look at our products and their best application. We look forward to an exciting 2014 season with Charlie and Ray”, continued Thibault.

The company has evolved from a Los Angeles, CA company producing corset and shoe laces, until the late 1930's when Mr. David Lippy, the new president, re-founded the company as Western Fishing Lines (WFL) and added braided fishing lines to the product offerings. With the arrival of World War II, the need for parachute cords and materials was paramount. The president of the company, Mr. Lippy, attended a meeting to help solve the problem of what materials could be used. As a result of this effort, WF was awarded a large contract to produce a new nylon parachute cord, and Western Fishing Lines technical expertise aided in the writing of the first military specification for this cord. During the next five years, tens of millions of yards of nylon parachute cord were produced by WF. After the war ended, the company found itself with had a large quantity of nylon yarn, but no new contracts for the cord.

Realizing there was a substantial demand for quality fishing lines, WF pursued the recreational market. WF recognized the potential for extruded monofilament nylon as a fishing line and was one of the first companies in America to market the new monofilament fishing lines; these lines were marketed as the "W-40" brand of fishing lines with the "How To Catch A Mermaid" advertising campaign.

Fast-forward to 2013, WF currently offers a product mix of both recreational and industrial use. Fishing line products account for over 60% of the companies' revenue and include TUF-Line premium braided fishing line, high performance kite line, bowstring materials, and other recreational products. Industrial products include electrical and aerospace lacing tapes, motor tie, expandable sleeving, and ultra high temperature sleevings.

Western Filament remains a very strong US company that has a proud history with shaping the US during World War II.

"I have been fishing tournaments for 25 years and have fished a lot of braided line, but never one as good as TUF-Line SuperCast", said Charlie Ingram, co-host of Fishing University. "It combines the smoothness of mono with the toughness of braid. I use it in all of my bass fishing, whether it's while filming the show or in a tournament, it has never let me down", he said. "For me, TUF-Line SuperCast is the only choice when it comes to Incredible casting distance and superior handling", said Ray Brazier, the other co-host of the show. "The line features an advanced post-process coating, making it the longest-casting, easiest-handling superline I've ever fished. With the supreme strength of Spectra fiber construction, SuperCast delivers an ultra-round cross-section and near zero friction through my rod guides", continued Brazier. "We not only are proud of our sponsorship with TUF-Line, but more importantly to us is the relationship and partnership they have entrusted with us in promoting their products", concluded Brazier.

Fishing University is sponsored by Legend Boats, Honda Marine, the State of Tennessee Tourism, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee State Parks, Jackson Kayak, Power Tech, Spro, TUF-Line, Buckeye Lures, Hammer Rods, T-H Marine, Freedom Lures, and Floatback Lures.

About Western Filament / TUF-Line
Western Filament / TUF-Line is a worldwide leader in high-performance braided fishing line and fibers. Our leadership with TUF-Line pioneered the use of braided Spectra® fibers in fishing lines. All of our braided fishing lines and fishing accessories are manufactured within our U.S. facility. and meet the highest aerospace standards for quality. Whether braided superline, Dacron®fishing line, Dacron fly line backing or vinyl coated ice fishing lines, choose the TUF-Line and Western Filament name for superior performance. To learn more, visit us at www.tuf-line.com.

About Fishing University
As one of the oldest Outdoor TV shows, Fishing University is celebrating 26 years of bringing quality fishing programming to avid viewers. Each week they hit the water accompanied by friends and professionals in the industry, as viewers are engaged in a competitive show that is packed full of ‘how to tips’. Not only is the show exciting, but it also lets people in on tricks of the trade from some of the very best. To add another dynamic to the situation, each boat is given a tackle box filled with identical tackle. This eliminates any tricks that one may have up their sleeves and forces them to rely on pure talent, and maybe a little luck. Fishing University can be seen on the Outdoor Channel three times a week. To see the entire schedule go to www.fishingu.com, and be sure to visit Fishing University on Facebook.