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Tradestream Analytics And David W. Schamens Announce Lower Latency Data Feeds

Last updated Monday, December 23, 2013 08:51 ET

Tradestream Analytics announces lower latency data feeds at its NY4 data center location

New York, USA, 12/23/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Tradestream Analytics, a comprehensive trading platform for stocks, options and e-mini futures announced today that it has improved software performance with lower latency data feeds. The company has improved data feed speed for its proprietary and institutional trading clients.

David W. Schamens, owner of TradeStream Analytics said, "In the competitive world of U.S. equities, futures and options trading, especially with our international clients, data speed has become a deciding factor. Latency in data feeds often can impact and proprietary trading firm's or institutional trading firm's bottom line profits."

"By using this new technology," David Schamens continued, "we will be able to offer their market data feed latency-reducing technologies. Their technologies will help us offer faster market data to traders and each firm's back office administrators."

According to Schamens, the solution provides technologies to improve data feed speed for complete order books, maximize data throughput while minimizing latency, and the technology is not dependent on third party solutions. TradeStream Analytics' website says that the company is a neutral provider and offers solutions for prime brokers, market-makers, broker-dealers, hedge fund managers and institutional investors.

Interested parties may contact TradeStream Analytics through its website (http://www.tradestreamanalytics.com) or by calling (212) 537-6867. Media inquiries may contact the firm through the same means.