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Power-Pole Newest Sponsor for the 2014 Fishing University TV Season

Last updated Wednesday, January 8, 2014 09:25 ET

Power-Pole was announced today as the newest sponsor of the Outdoor Channel's Fishing University.

Decatur, USA, 01/08/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Power-Pole was announced today as the newest sponsor of the Outdoor Channel's Fishing University. "Adding Power-Pole to our family of sponsors brings a whole story to tell our viewers", said Debra Talley, Vice President of Fishing University. "As one of the most valuable assets to be added to the sport of fishing, our viewers will have the opportunity to learn the applications where Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors can be used as well as the advantages gained by their use", she said.

“We are proud to be working with Charlie and Ray and Fishing University", said Robert Shamblin, Vice President of JL Marine Systems Power Pole. "These are two great guys with a great show. Having them as part of our marketing plan is one of the keys to our success and we can’t say enough good things about both of them.”

Sport fishing requires the ability to stop your boat and work an area quickly and quietly as you spot or catch your fish. With Power-Pole shallow water anchor’s advanced technology you can stop your boat quickly and quietly with the touch of a button and keep your boat securely in place, even in heavy wind and current. A Power-Pole anchor is also eco-friendly and causes no damage to the environment.

JL Marine introduced the first Power-Pole to the bass fishing market in 2006. Since then, the shallow-water anchoring system has won over professional and recreational anglers alike. Owning a bass boat equipped with one or even two Power-Pole units has become a mark of the serious anglers of the sport. A Power-Pole system, which holds a bass boat in place against current and wind, is available in several models: the Blade Series, Signature Series, Pro II and Sportsman II.

"Charlie and I are excited to welcome Power-Pole to the Fishing University family", said Ray Brazier, co-host of Fishing University. "Since the first time I used my Power-Poles, I think they are the most awesome piece of equipment that I have ever had on any of my fishing boats. The Power-Poles on my Legend boat allows many advantages while fishing across the country, however for me personally, the greatest thing Power-Poles bring to my boating, is the ease of loading and unloading my boat alone. You can drive close to the shore line, docks, or riprap and lower your Power-Poles and step to shore. That allows you to walk to the parking lot and get your tow vehicle knowing your boat is still right where you left it. This prevents many dings and scratches that happen while tying your boat. If you are as particular about your equipment as I am, Power-Poles are a must", continued Brazier. "Power-Pole anchors allow me in any weather condition to quietly and securely hold a fishing area and rig my tackle without drifting from my fishing spot", said Ingram. "I've been competitively fishing for many years and Power-Poles are a must-have for any angler looking for an advantage. We are looking forward to introducing their product line-up and all the advantages they offer to our viewers", concluded Ingram.

Fishing University is sponsored by Legend Boats, Honda Marine, Captain D's, the State of Tennessee Tourism, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Tennessee State Parks, Jackson Kayak, Power Tech, Spro, Tuf-Line, Buckeye Lures, RayMarine, Hammer Rods, T-H Marine, Freedom Lures, Power Pole, and Floatback Lures.

About JL Marine Systems Inc.
JL Marine Systems Inc. is the Tampa, Florida-based manufacturer of the Power-Pole, a shallow water anchor system for all small skiffs, bass boats, flats boats, bay boats and more. Power-Pole is distributed via more than 1300 dealerships throughout the US.
Visit www.powerpole.com/storelocator/map.html to find a local dealer.

About Fishing University
As one of the oldest Outdoor TV shows, Fishing University is celebrating 26 years of bringing quality fishing programming to avid viewers. Each week they hit the water accompanied by friends and professionals in the industry, as viewers are engaged in a competitive show that is packed full of ‘how to tips’. Not only is the show exciting, but it also lets people in on tricks of the trade from some of the very best. To add another dynamic to the situation, each boat is given a tackle box filled with identical tackle. This eliminates any tricks that one may have up their sleeves and forces them to rely on pure talent, and maybe a little luck. Fishing University can be seen on the Outdoor Channel three times a week. To see the entire schedule go to www.fishingu.com, and be sure to visit Fishing University on Facebook.