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Music Producer CENTRIC picks up score for the Big Spence film, "Set Me Free"

Last updated Thursday, January 30, 2014 09:41 ET

Bay area producer/HipHop talent Chris 'Centric' Louray teams up with Actor/Director Big Spence on the soon to be released film, "Set Me Free".

01/30/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Hip Hop Artist, Music Producer and CEO & Founder of FreeAtLast Music Group LLC, Chris 'CENTRIC' Louray will be displaying his talents on an upcoming Independent film, "Set Me Free". "Set Me Free" was written and directed by L.A. based Actor/Director Big Spence. Big Spence wrote this film inspired by one mans life. A story about challenges, faith, choices and change. Spence brought his film to Oakland and the surrounding Bay area where he was raised, with the intent of casting some of the local talent. Big Spence recognized Bay Area talent, Chris 'Centric' Louray and brought him on as the Music Composer in charge of doing an original score. Although Centric had successfully produced music previously for different projects including music placement for VH1, MTV and episodes of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" television show, "Set Me Free" was his first shot at doing the score for a feature film.

Centric was excited to work with a great team. R&B Artist Baby James (Jay Lyrie), known for his "Ghetto-Retro" style was hired on by Spence as the Music Supervisor. Together, Baby James and Centric put together one great soundtrack. Some of the featured artists on the film's soundtrack are Love Rance, E-40, Omarion, Erk Tha Jerk, Marcus Allen, Dior and Jeanius Exantus, whose song, "Better Than You" is used as one of the main songs in the film. Centric took special pride in working with Dior and Jeanius, as they are both artists he has produced. Baby James was the music supervisor. "James had dope ideas in addition to what I was doing, so it turned out beautifully. He made me think outside the box", Centric said. When producing music Centric views it as 'creating art'. While working on "Set Me Free" Centric had to let his mind be free and tap into his creativity and emotional side. He just went off of the emotion that was in the scene. He wanted to give it the feel that Spence was looking for. "Big Spence had certain scenes in the film that he had strong opinions about, if it wasn't right he kept at it until he felt it was. However, he left it up to me and James to use our own artistic abilities. I have mad respect for Spence, especially as a Director. Him allowing me to do what I do showed me that he trusted my creativity. That's huge coming from a Director like Big Spence who accepts nothing less than quality," Centric stated.

Chris "CENTRIC" Louray is many things. He's a Hip Hop Artist and Actor but first and foremost Centric is a Music Producer. Growing up in the 'golden era" of Hip Hop, Centric fancies himself a 'lyricist', realizing that with songs you have to go off of your own feelings and moods. Now, having his first opportunity to work on a film Centric realizes it's not much different than working on a song; you still have to go off of emotion, feeling and the mood of the scene. It's all about capturing the actors role, the environment they are in during the scene and most importantly capturing the film Director's vision.

Centric was excited to work on this Big Spence (Touch The Heart Productions) film. In addition to his work on "Set Me Free",Centric is busy in studio working on many projects which include collaborations with other FreeAtLast members, as well as a solo album. You can hear and see Centric's talent soon, as Big Spence has set a release date for the film for Spring 2014. "Set Me Free" is slated to be shown at several upcoming film festivals world wide.