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Actor Brian Perry Lands Role in 'Big Spence' Film, "Set Me Free"

Last updated Thursday, September 12, 2013 15:54 ET

Brian Perry takes on an emotional role in the film, "Set Me Free" which gives a look into the workings of the Urban Male.

09/12/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Reno resident and upcoming Actor, 'Brian Perry' recently landed a role in the film, "Set Me Free', written and directed by Big Spence. Big Spence is the CEO and Founder of 'Touch The Heart Productions", a California based film company. "Set Me Free" recently wrapped up filming in the Bay Area, California. Brian Perry embraced this opportunity and the chance to play this part with an outstanding cast and crew, acknowledging Spencer's direction taught him a lot.

Perry's character, "Rasheed" is an older man, gruff by nature. A man who has been physically, verbally and emotionally abusive to his son especially since he came back from the war. As a result of his abusive behavior, Rasheed's son (Alphonso Thompson) follows his dad's lead making for life to be a bit challenging. As the story unfolds, a revelation occurs that opens more than one set of eyes. Perry was pleased to be acting along side wonderful talent like Big Spence (Milk Money), Steven C. Johnson (Fruitvale) and Alphonso Thompson (Milk Money), as well as the rest of the amazing cast in a film filled with emotion, entertainment and moralistic lessons.

Recently Brian Perry has been seen not only on film sets, but also modeling on runways between Nevada and California. He recently participated in the "Reno Vanity Fashion Show", representing 'Hiram's Closet' and 'Banana Republic'. Perry has wrapped up his part on the film, "Set Me Free" and has many projects coming up for 2013-14. Big Spence and 'Touch The Heart Productions' has projected a release date of November, 2013 for the film, "Set Me Free".