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Bella-Tiara Increases Royal Collection Styles for 2014 Wedding Season

Last updated Thursday, February 6, 2014 09:07 ET

Bella-Tiara, announces the expansion of their Royal Collection of wedding headpieces and wedding jewelry for the 2014 wedding season.

Ridgewood, USA, 02/06/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Bella-Tiara online bridal jewelry retailers said today that the company will increase the number of styles options available in their Royal line of wedding headpieces and special occasion jewelry for the 2014. Bella-Tiara's Royal Wedding Headpiece collection includes vintage headbands, freshwater pearl and side accented headbands, hair combs and dramatic wedding tiaras. Their Royal line of wedding jewelry consists of wedding bracelets, wedding necklace sets and bridal earrings.

In commenting on Bella-Tiara's plans to expand the Royal Collection line of bridal accessories, company president Antonella Curto said, "All brides should be able to purchase a couture Swarovski crystal wedding headpiece at a reasonable price, with our expanded selection of wedding headpieces and jewelry, many brides will be will be able to make their dreams of purchasing the perfect wedding headpiece and wedding jewelry a reality."

In addition to the expanded selection of bridal headpieces and bridal jewelry offered in their Royal Collection, Bella- Tiara will also be including many new, custom headpieces, which will give brides-to-be an opportunity to create their own dazzling wedding headpiece.

Bella-Tiara's expanded selection of Royal jewelry will include vintage cuff bracelets and freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal wedding bracelets, all handcrafted with the finest materials and highest quality Cubic Zirconia (CZ) available on the market today. The new additions to the Royal line of bridal earrings will include dramatic prom earrings, classic and elegant CZ drop earrings, romantic freshwater pearl wedding earrings, and bold and glamorous chandelier bridal earrings.

Shoppers visiting Bella-Tiara's online wedding jewelry shopping center will find that the company has added many special occasion jewelry and accessory items to their extensive product lines. Whether a prom, wedding or formal affair, Bella-Tiara has a huge inventory of wedding headpieces, bridal jewelry, wedding beaded belts and sashes, crystal evening purses, crystal shoes, wedding cake toppers, and gifts to name just some of many items available at Bella-Tiara.com.

Since expanding their online bridal jewelry business from eBay to their online store at Bella-Tiara.com over seven years ago, the company has become one of the best known retailers of beautiful and unique bridal jewelry, headpieces and bridal accessories anywhere. "When I was a young bride I found it very difficult to find unique and affordable jewelry and accessories for my wedding," said Ms. Curto. "It was then and there that I decided to start a small business to offer high quality products at reasonable, affordable prices."

About Bella-Tiara: Bella-Tiara is an online wedding headpiece, jewelry, gift and accessories retailer. Their website, Bella-Tiara.com features a complete line of exclusive and designer wedding tiaras, wedding headbands, couture crystal headpieces, wedding hair combs, classic and beaded veils, couture hair accessories, bridal jewelry, gifts, shoes and much more. The company strives to give its customers the finest line of products for any and every formal affair at affordable prices.

For more information about Bella-Tiara visit their website at www.bella-tiara.com or call them at 718-381-3055.