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Award-Winning Copywriter, Cheryl Lenamon Opens Bright Idea Content

Last updated Friday, February 7, 2014 09:26 ET

Offering Marketing Content Services to Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

02/07/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

The fact that Bright Idea Content is bringing to businesses one thing that most say they are desperately needing would be news enough. In addition, the content created by Bright Idea comes with extra punch. Company founder, Cheryl Lenamon has over 30 years experience in not only creative endeavors but is a savvy business woman, having owned and managed an Ad Agency for 20 of those years. For the past four years, she has broadened her skills to include content for digital marketing products and has recently opened a new company that specializes in content for business marketing.

"You bet I saw a need. You hear it from presidents of small companies to the marketing directors of large corporations," said Ms. Lenamon. "We are living in an information-driven society that thrives on timely, relevant content. Consumers and business customers need solutions to issues that affect their daily lives." Cheryl continues, "Branding, of course, is still very important. But people today 'search' for authentic, real-time information. That's what compelling content brings to the table."

Ms. Lenamon's goal for Bright Idea Content is to stay lean and reach out to businesses and entrepreneurs who are struggling to produce website content, blogs, press releases, newsletters and email campaigns. The company offers freelance pricing with the stability of a company behind the talent.

About Bright Idea Content
Filling a need in the marketplace, Bright Idea is fast and affordable. They transform businesses with content that defines a voice, niches a market and speaks to a target audience. Their vast business experience helps reduce the time from strategy meeting to implementation, saving cost and frustration. To learn more about the company go to: http://www.brightideacontent.com.