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First Regional Benefits Has The Medical And Dental Plans You Are Looking For!

Last updated Friday, February 7, 2014 09:24 ET

With All The Confusion Over Obamacare, First Regional Benefits Makes Sense!

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Obamacare has a whole nation confused and uncertain. We all realize we need a health plan, yet there are so many unanswered questions. First Regional Benefits has taken the confusion out of medical and dental plans!

First Regional Benefits is proud to offer discounted medical benefits to members throughout the United States. Enrollment is quick, simple, and paperless! Forget the endless phone calls, having to wait at an office to fill out paperwork and speak to an agent who is just as confused as you are! First Regional Benefits has fully trained and knowledgeable staff ready to assist anyone seeking the right medical and/or dental plan, or you can choose to do it yourself!

Health Care:

BeniCard Comprehensive Discount Card, provides 20% discount for Nationwide Financial Center Members, immediate discounts on Medical Costs, Icon coverage for every member of the household, and also dental, vision, and hearing discount plans.

Drug Card America:

Free, that's right, totally free for all ages, and your entire family! Get up to 50% savings on prescriptions, and acceptability is guaranteed! Absolutely no medical questions! You can't get much simpler than that!

First Regional Benefits is also offering members the exclusive opportunity to join a quality dental care program designed to save you real money! This exclusive discounted program saves you money on preventive care, dentures, bridges, crowns, oral surgery, fillings, root canals, and much more!

The confusion on quality health and dental care programs has now come to and end. Call First Regional Benefits on (800) 239-5410 today!

You can find even more great information by visiting their website at www.FirstRegionalBenefits.com.

You can also contact First Regional Benefits about Medical Discount Plans via the following:

20 Trolley Square Suite C
Wilmington, DE 19806
(800) 239-5410