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K9 University Adds Free Anti-Drug School Curriculum to Services

Last updated Wednesday, February 12, 2014 10:12 ET

K9 University, the top drug-dog detection service in the U.S., is adding a free anti-drug school curriculum to the list of services they offer to their clients.

Oklahoma City, US, 02/12/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

K9 University Detection Services, the leading drug-dog detection service in the country, is adding a free anti-drug school curriculum to the list of services they offer to their clients. Many other companies charge for drug sweeps and the education services they provide.

"We are convinced that along with the obvious deterrence and detection that a good drug-dog sweep program provides, a comprehensive education program that addresses the effects of mind-altering drugs is equally crucial," said K9 University President and CEO, Angel Soriano. In commenting further on the drug education service Soriano added, "After all, we are parents too. This is our way of giving back to the community and trying to make a difference in the lives of our children."

K9 University is proud of their role in detecting and curbing the use of illicit drugs. Many citizens aren't aware that police dogs are prohibited from searching for prescription drugs but K9 University dogs can and do detect these drugs. In fact, K9 University, because they are a private drug-dog company, can be hired to search for prescription pills, guns or any other dangerous materials that a client has deemed as prohibited on their property. It is also worth noting that K9 University dogs are not involved in any arrests. K9 University simply identifies the substance and allows the client to manage the outcome.

Every dog used by K9 University is specifically bred, tested, handpicked, most are imported and all are trained for the specific job of detection. They never use retired dogs or dogs that have already been trained and used by other law enforcement agencies. K9 University's business expanded to detection services in 2005, when the company became more active in working with friends, local business, the community, detention centers and schools in an effort to help curb the widespread use of illicit drugs.

In addition to their school anti-drug curriculum, K9 University is also introducing another free curriculum called, "Recognizing the Signs of Drug Abuse in the Workplace," which is being offered to the management of companies that contract for their drug-dog detection services. "We feel strongly that educating key personnel in recognizing critical human behavioral patterns, combined with drug-dog sweeps, is an essential part of mitigating the tremendous liability faced by employers when dealing with drug abuse in the workplace," said Soriano. K9 University also has a new, affordable residential drug-dog search program that gives parents the same tools that schools and businesses have available to them.

About K9 University LLC.: K9 University LLC is a drug-dog detection and education company. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the company offers the most comprehensive drug-dog detection and drug education services in the country. They provide drug detection services to commercial businesses, schools, private and public institutions and residences to help detect and curb drug abuse in the U.S.

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