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Celebrate Your Vehicle's Worth With A Detail From Miguel's Mobile Car Wash

Last updated Tuesday, February 18, 2014 02:11 ET

What Services Should You Expect From A Premium Vehicle Detailer?

02/18/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

When deciding to get your vehicle detailed, you don't want to leave your pride and joy in the hands of non-professionals. You need to know you are getting a quality service, and for the right price. This is why you shouldn't go past Miguel's Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim.

Miguel's Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim is a completely full service mobile car wash in the Orange County. Using advanced yet gentle techniques, your vehicle will be brought back to the way it should look! Never again will you have to use a drive through car wash that uses harsh detergents and equipment that can actually damage your vehicle's appearance!

Some of the specialist techniques used by the professional team at Miguel's Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim include, hand wash & dry, bug removal, vacuum interior, mirror cleaning, dashboard wipe, window cleaning, console cleaning, tire degrease, rim cleaning, clean carpets, mats & door upholstery, was, seat & seatbelt cleaning, tar build-up removal, dress vinyl, trim and tires, clean crack & crevices, and treat leather seats!

Using only the best equipment, Miguel's Car Wash of Anaheim is able to to tackle the toughest of problems your vehicle has endured. From bugs, dust, and mud, right up to annoying and paint destroying tar! They don't only detail the family vehicle, company cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and even boats can benefit from a caring, yet thorough detail from the professionals at Miguel's Car Wash. Even better, they come to you!

You can find out even more about the wonderful services on offer at Miguel's Car Wash of Anaheim by visiting their website at http://www.miguelsmobilecarwash.com/.

You can contact Miguel's Car Wash of Anaheim through the following mediums for a mobile auto detail: -

900 W Lincoln Ave Anaheim
CA, 92805
Telephone: -
(714) 425-2667
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