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Simplified: The Purple One’s Yours.

Last updated Monday, June 2, 2014 10:01 ET

How many times have you looked for your water bottle and wondered, "Which one is mine." Now a simple solution insures you don't get someone else's germs.

Miami, US, 06/02/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

It’s a problem that’s plagued us all at the gym, at soccer practice, out boating, on a hike, on a road trip, and every other activity involving more than one person and requiring you bring water. Which bottle was mine?

This may seem like a simple problem, but it’s a problem that wastes time, money, and valuable resources, and also spreads germs.

Reuben Lansburgh, founder of My2O came to this realization when fishing in the Bahamas with some friends. They were out on a fishing boat for three days with only so much bottled water. Everyone kept forgetting whose bottle was whose, despite ripped labels, cup holders, and trying to remember where everyone put theirs last. It wasn’t working and in consequence they ended up throwing much of their mystery water overboard.

This happens every day. Bottles get forgotten, confused, and discarded. This wastes drinkable water, and the price of discarding bottled water adds up quickly. For example, take the cheapest case of bottled water for sale at Costco for $5.99 for 6 16.9oz bottles. If only 75% of that water actually gets drunk that case actually cost you a couple cents shy of eight dollars. That’s a whole dollar’s worth of water wasted from this simple problem. As you can see, it adds up fast.

If you get your waters confused but opt to drink it anyway, you risk cross-contamination, especially in places like gyms where there are many people and you likely don’t know many of them. Germs spread rapidly by mouth including colds, mono, and other viruses and bacteria.

As you can see, this simple problem can have some pretty serious consequences. Of course, a simple problem can be intercepted with a simple solution.

My2O Bottled Water comes in unique packaging that easily differentiates which bottle belongs to which person. Each case of My2O contains 12 bottles of water with 12 different colored labels. It’s a simple and affordable solution.

With My2O, you don’t have to worry about setting down your bottled water and loosing it forever because yours is purple, and your friend’s is green.

To learn more about My2O bottled water, check out their website my2o.com or contact Robert Lansburgh directly at [email protected] or 786-344-6611, or inquire to 20340 NE 15th Court, Miami, FL 33179.