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Mugshot Removal: States Laws Making It Harder To Bail Out Of Google

Last updated Wednesday, February 11, 2015 14:26 ET

The mugshot website backlash against state laws has resulted in Internet Imprisonment by mugshot websites, but RemoveSlander.com has emerged with a Bailout.

Tampa, USA, 02/11/2015 / SubmitMyPR /

The CEO of RemoveSlander.com (www.RemoveSlander.com) has just issued a statement that not only provided an update on the mugshot industry from the frontlines, but also how State Laws aimed at mugshot websites are actually creating more victims. The Mugshot Distribution Laws that are sweeping through State Houses of Representatives are actually making it more difficult for citizens to remove their mugshots from the internet, because it prohibits removal fees. As a result, many of the websites are still in operation, but declining all requests for removal.


Several states including Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee have laws aimed at the mugshot website industry, but the new laws only addresses mugshot websites that charge a fee for removal. With the absence of a cash incentive to remove the booking photos, the backlash from the mugshot websites has resulted in citizens having no way to remove their pictures from the sites.


Tyronne Jacques CEO of RemoveSlander.com  says his Reputation Management  firm has witnessed a spike in sites that no longer provide an option to have a mugshot removed, and that has equated to what he calls “Internet Imprisonment.”


“With laws now targeting the mugshot websites, the owners of those sites have figured out that they can remain compliant with State Laws by not providing a payment option for mugshot removal. In doing so, the arrested individual remains on the mugshot website permanently while the site owner makes money from the ads. Local newspapers that publish mugshots inadvertently taught the site owners how to legally cash in – and so the problem continues.”


Jacques went on to say that his firm has developed a strategy to attack the mugshot website at the search engine level, and that’s where they’re having the most results.


“Our goal at RemoveSlander.com is to get the mugshot links removed from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing thus eliminating the negative impact of the booking photos. If the mugshot links are no longer found in Google, then those links are no longer a threat to our clients.”


To combat mugshot, website RemoveSlander.com offers a coverage plan called Protective Custody Membership which gives their clients the benefit of making one flat rate payment to have all of their mugshots photos removed from the internet. Since 2010 RemoveSlander.com has led the fight against mugshot websites and has emerged as the most trusted mugshot removal service.


Tyronne Jacques has been the CEO of RemoveSlander.com since 2009 and is the author of the top selling reputation management book How to fight Google and Win.


For more information on how to remove a mugshot simply visit their website http://www.removeslander.com/Mugshot-Removal-Service.html