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Promoting Videos With Press Releases

Last updated Friday, May 1, 2015 10:59 ET

Submit Press Release 123 is an ideal platform for multimedia news.

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Companies spend a large amount of time creating fantastic videos for YouTube and Vimeo, in order to promote their company or products. Unfortunately, many companies are left wondering why they aren't getting as many likes or views as they were hoping for. This is usually due to the fact that they have not properly marketed their video. You can't simply cross your fingers and hope people will stumble across your video of their own accord. Like everything else you do, you need to market your video through every available outlet.

Besides sharing a link on your website, blog or social media networks, companies should be utilizing press releases to tell their audience about multimedia like videos. This is an important part of all marketing endeavors – one that is, sadly, often overlooked. You see, using press releases to promote your newest video serves multiple purposes:

1. It provides an additional link back to your video
2. It indexes the video for search engines
3. It increases video views and, as a byproduct, likes
4. And, it gains your new video more exposure by placing it in front of people who are not currently following your company

What To Include In the Press Release

It is important that you write a good press release if you want it to be effective. The bulk of the release should be dedicated to describing the video. Why did you choose to create it, and what does it contain? What will your audience learn or experience through watching the video? If there are any important individuals in the video, you should also include that. Most importantly, you need to include a link to your video at the bottom of the press release. This helps to redirect interest individuals back to your video, on whichever site you have uploaded it. Without this all-important link, your press release is virtually worthless.

Some press release services, like Submit123PR, offer video embedding with their news distribution. This embedding feature frames the video into the body of your press release, allowing readers to watch the clip directly from the press release post verses navigating to YouTube or Vimeo.


A press release is a vital part of marketing your new video. Once you have created the video and crafted the press release, you should find a reliable distribution company. Submit Press Release 123 is an ideal platform for multimedia news because it is incredibly easy to use and helps garner the results you're looking for by embedded video directly into each press release.

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