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Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Obtains $400,000 in Cleanup Grants

Last updated Thursday, November 19, 2015 12:08 ET

Partners Environmental helps Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Obtain $400,000 in Cleanup Grants

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Partners Environmental helps Northeast Ohio

Regional Sewer District Obtain $400,000 in Cleanup Grants.


Cleveland, Ohio --  November 16, 2015 – Partners Environmental Consulting, Inc. (Partners Environmental) of Solon, Ohio recently assisted the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (District) in securing two United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Brownfield Cleanup Grants to fund its Woodland Central Green Infrastructure Project.

Faced with the costly task of modernizing its sewer system to minimize the potential for combined sewer overflows, the District looked to implement Green Infrastructure features to support a triple bottom line solution. As part of its Woodland Central Green Infrastructure Project, the organization was acquiring properties within the City of Cleveland (City) that it would convert to overflow basins. A 10-acre brownfield in urban Cleveland was pinpointed as the ideal location.

Working with The District, Partners Environmental provided a thorough assessment of the property and determined that the land was impacted with solid waste and hazardous substances, in some cases measuring more than 40 feet deep. The firm then worked with the District to develop a comprehensive cleanup plan that included the integration of Green Infrastructure features into the project.

To defray the costs of the cleanup project and to ease the burden on taxpayers, the District and Partners Environmental worked closely to prepare a detailed proposal that would catch the US EPA’s attention. “To stand out among the thousands of US EPA proposals, it’s imperative that you make your case with sound data and a well-defined remediation plan. Working with the District, we were able to do exactly that,” said Dan B. Brown, President of Partners Environmental.

Armed with accurate data and a comprehensive remediation plan, Partners Environmental helped the District make a highly compelling case for the Woodland Central Green Infrastructure Project.  In May of 2015, The District secured two Brownfield Cleanup Grants, totaling $400,000.

“These grants enable the Sewer District to implement green infrastructure that turns what was once an eyesore and a potential health risk into an amenity for the community and an asset for Lake Erie,” notes Julius Ciaccia, CEO of the Northeast Ohio Sewer District.

To date, Partners Environmental Consulting has helped its clientele secure more than $30,000,000 in grants.


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