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Get New Followers on Instagram Using These Techniques

Last updated Saturday, December 7, 2019 11:29 ET

AMAZON published author and Instagram cool guy Steve Wetmore offers Organic Instagram Growth using his best practices.

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Markham, ON, Dec. 07, 2019 -- Writing an effective caption for an Instagram post can be really tricky. It has to connect with the user and stop them in their tracks. The more time someone spends reading the caption and engaging with your post the better your post will rank with the Instagram algorithm.

Here are some basic advantages of a good Instagram caption –

  • It drives engagement on your posts
  • Your posts will rank better
  • A post with increased engagement will appear on the explore page giving you a chance to reach new audience
  • It will help build a stronger bond with your audience

Key Elements of a good caption

Captions are powerful tools. And so, while creating beautiful content for your page and perfecting the images it is essential to go the extra mile and work just as hard and focus just as much on the caption for the images on your feed. The basic elements required for an effective caption that drive great results –

  • It should provide context (Story-telling)
  • Add personality, (authenticity) and
  • Inspire your followers to take action (CTA)

How to write appealing captions?

Writing a good caption can be an added pressure to perfect the post. You can sometimes be stuck with no words or ideas on what to write. So here are some handy tips to focus on, which will take your captions a step further and convert readers into loyal, engaged followers.

A staggering opening line – This is a sure shot way of making your caption more engaging and enticing to boost the amount of time people spend viewing your post.

The aim of a killer opening line is –

  • to trigger an emotional response
  • or spike the curiosity with an intriguing statement
  • or capture their attention with hard-hitting stats

Another important aspect is to keep it short so that the opening line is visible in someone’s feed without them having to click “more”.

A Call to Action (CTA) – A call to action encourages the audience to engage with your post in some way or the other –like, comment, click on the link etc. CTA can also inspire your audience to engage with your business and shop online. A call to action can have different purposes. Here is how you can use CTAs–

  • To Drive Engagement
  • To Drive Traffic to Your Site
  • Add a value of completion
  • Make your CTA prominent

Include Line Breaks for long Captions – Short and punchy lines are a great way to ensure users are reading your captions. But if you have a lot to say, the trick is to add line breaks to the captions coaxing the audience to read.

Keep your brand voice consistent – Your posts and captions should mirror your brand personality. A good way to connect with your audience is to keep the captions casual and posts more personable. Tip – You can dictate your caption into your phone or read it aloud to check if it sounds like how you would naturally speak.

Talk the language of Emojis - Colourful emojis always capture the attention of a scroller. You can use them at the beginning or the end of the post or even replace a whole word with an emoji.

Hashtags are synonyms with discoverability – Hashtags are a great way to organize your content. This will help Instagram pull up your post for a relevant search. Here are few pointers on using hashtags for captions –

  • Use them strategically – Use top hashtags with an engaging community, specific to your audience.
  • Use branded hashtags (personalized to your brand) – It inspires user-generated content
  • Less is more – Do not overcrowd your caption with hashtags


Although, writing a catchy caption in Instagram is hard it is the secret to success for many. Do not let your Instagram captions just be an afterthought.

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