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Best Paper Writing Service: 3 of The Best Essay Writing Services Reviewed.

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This article is a detailed review of the top 3 best paper writing services that students can use in 2023

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Let’s face it, most students face immense academic pressure that can easily get out of control. Never-ending academic papers and tight deadlines often lead to confusion and feelings of helplessness and discouragement.

Most students work part-time while enrolled in a bid to supplement their income or even finance their education. Combining school and work can be very demanding, given the high academic pressure. Luckily, these are not isolated cases and you’re not the only one looking for professional college essay writers online to write college essays for you.

Owing to the high demand, numerous sites that provide essay writing services online have emerged over the last 2 decades. But, are these websites reliable and legit?

There is a wide variety of options available and this can make it confusing for average students to identify legit essay writing services. And sure enough, there are untrustworthy sites out there. In fact, some writing services are outright scams. However, others are exemplary and honorable service providers with proficient college paper writers.

We thoroughly researched the academic writing market and compiled a list of the best essay writing services you can trust.

Let’s explore some of the best paper writing services on the market, to save you the trouble of going through hundreds of reviews and comments.

These are the 3 top-rated essay writing services that students all over the world prefer to use.

Each site has its unique features as well as pros and cons that we have extensively covered below.

1. Hartle1998: Quickest Service and Fair Price

In order to review any essay writing service, we order test papers from each company to help determine its overall quality of writing and their approach to meeting customers’ requirements. We did this with Hartle1998 as well.


The Hartle1998 website may look outdated compared to other academic writing services but we didn’t have any problem with finding the essential information. The information on their homepage is divided into clear categories so it’s easy to find the information you need. Our experience with the order form was also excellent, allowing you to describe your essay in the tiniest detail. The price calculator on the website’s homepage allows users to know the total cost of the paper right away.

Services Offered

Although Hartle1998 initially started off as a service for writing essays, it has evolved over the years and it has now developed a wide range of services specifically designed to meet various educational needs. Services that can be ordered at Speedy Paper Include:

· Dissertation writing

· Essay writing on any subject and for any academic level

· Editing and proofreading

· Marking and grading

· Assignment writing

· Resume writing

· Problem solving

Hartle1998 offers a diverse scope of services which is the main reason why it’s so popular with students.

Paper quality

Hartle1998 recruits Native as well as non-native English speakers, so the quality of your papers may vary depending on the writer. Some of the issues most customers report include questionable use of vocabulary and poor formatting. However, the website features a section fully dedicated to writers with detailed CVs and profiles of writers. However, only few writers are featured in this section, making it rather difficult to know who will work on your order.

Customer support

The chat window keeps popping up, which can be rather annoying. While chat is the most reliable way of contacting support, it’s not the only way. They can also be contacted via email, a toll-free number, or their social media pages. Their customer support representatives are very polite and they try to help in every possible way.

Payment methods

You can pay for your paper via PayPal, MasterCard or Visa, or your American Express or Discover account. Surprisingly, Hartle1998 also accepts Bitcoin. However, it’s a bit disappointing to see that they don’t accept other popular payment methods such as Wise and Skrill.

Starting price

With hartle1998 clients don’t have to pay for any additional services because everything is included in the order. For $9 per page, you’ll also get an originality report from an experienced writer with at least an 80% rating from their previous clients. Such writers have perfect marks on the grammar and creative writing screenings they have taken to secure the job, and they are comfortable with tight deadlines. Moreover, you can subscribe to their loyalty program to get larger discounts, which is a massive bonus.

What we liked

· Numerous positive reviews

· Free plagiarism reports

· Huge discounts available

· Earn money through referrals

· Timely delivery guaranteed

What we didn’t like

· Finding a technical paper writer (Engineering or Programming) can be challenging

Their customer service team is always available through WhatsApp, Chat, or email. Hartle1998 also offers to proofread or edit work that you’ve completed yourself. The cost varies depending on how tight your deadline is. The company also offers a money-back guarantee as well as sample articles that you can view to gauge their quality.

2. Angelessay: Top Delivery Speed

Angelessay is among the most affordable and trusted college paper writing services that many students tend to overlook. Their website is well-made and up to industry standards. In most reviews, it features prominently among the top essay writing services, making it one of the most trusted essay writing service with a solid reputation.

The website showcases the company’s customer reviews, most of which are extremely positive. However, this is expected as most companies tend to feature their most satisfied and happiest customers as a form of advertisement. The quality of the papers is top notch. Keep in mind that this is an affordable essay writing service and the quality of essays from such essay writing companies can vary to some extent. Some are excellent, while others are average. However, this doesnt seem to be the case with Angelessay since we’ve not come across anyone claiming to have failed their academic writing assignments due to Angelessay papers.


We ordered a college paper with a 1-hour deadline and kept low expectations because of the tight turnaround. However, the writer delivered an original piece with minimal grammatical mistakes and managed to beat the extremely tight deadline.

Although the paper lacked a few transition, generally Angelessay exceeded our expectations in terms of paper quality, grammar, and professionalism.

Starting Price

$14.59 per 275-word page delivered in 2 weeks. Customers can subscribe to Angel essay writing service’ newsletter and get a 15% discount on their order in return.

Services offered

Angelessay offers a wide variety of services and you can get your paper handled by professional writers regardless of your topic, subject, or specific requirements. Some of the college papers you can get done on Angelessay include:

· Presentations

· Reports

· Business plans

· All kinds of essays

· Thesis

· Homework

· Speech writing

· Case Studies

· Dissertations

  research papers

· Coursework, etc.

You can gauge the expertise of services by checking the various samples featured on their website.

Guarantees offered by Angelessay

With a valuable, customer oriented team you can make progress and be satisfied after your purchase. Some of the guarantees offered by Angelessay Include:

· Revision guarantee

Writers may miss some vital details when writing papers or essays from scratch. Angelessay ensures every paper is revised by experienced editors to ensure that it abides by high academic writing standards. You can request revisions up to 30 days after shipping if you are not happy with the result.

· Plagiarism-free zone

All papers on Angelessay must pass through control check before they are delivered to clients. Moreover, the papers must run through plagiarism checks to ensure they are flawless and unique.

· Money-Back Guarantee

If you are still not satisfied with your paper even after revision, you can ask for a refund. Keep in mind that all refund requests must undergo verification before the company issues a full refund.

· Privacy Policy

Every customer-oriented company must protect client’s personal or sensitive data. Angelessay states that all information provided by clients remains confidential.

What we liked

· Provides a wide range of services

· 1-hour turnaround makes it the fastest essay writing service

· Regular discounts for repeat clients

What we didn’t like

· Slow customer support

· Some customers report inconsistencies in quality, especially when using different writers.

Professional paper writers on Angelessay are recruited from various online freelancer sites to ensure they have the best writers from around the globe. Maintaining consistency can be hard with a pool of global writers.

The company recruits online freelancers mainly because they are generally cheaper. Some essay writing services hire teachers working a side job, current (and former academics) or college students. However, these people tend to charge significantly higher rates, especially if you want to hire native English speakers. Therefore, working with online freelancers helps the company to maintain its low rates, which is the price of business.

It is essential to keep in mind that you’ll not fail your classes if you submit your “Write My Essay” requests on Angelessay. However, this essay writing service is the best, legit essay writing service for anyone who wants guaranteed top grades on long dissertations and thesis. Angelessay is also an ideal option for students who are on tight deadlines that they can’t meet.

Other notable Angel essay service features meet industry standards; including the home page which is not only well-designed but also includes an in-built calculator.

The customer support system is another feature worth mentioning. We noticed they were a bit slower in answering when we contacted their customer support. We are not sure whether that is a common experience or an isolated case where we caught them at a very busy time.

3. Superioressaypapers: Outstanding Customer Service

Superioressaypapers is a reliable and legit essay writing service, but may seem too good to be true at first glance. It has a huge number of positive reviews and is rated 4.8-stars on Sitejabber. As mentioned earlier, you should not rely on reviews from just a single review platform. Therefore, we have been looking around as we try to average out and provide a more representative and reliable rating. Although Superioressaypapers is a reliable custom essay writing service, there is still room for improvement.

A few clients complain about the overall quality of the papers and some of the prominent issues that pop up include: grammar mistakes, poor choice of words, and a lack of knowledge regarding English as a language.

It’s likely that some of the poor reviews come from clients who were unfortunate and got the company’s foreign writers who often work for cheap. This often results in poor or average writing, a weak structure, and poor word choice. Moreover, Superioressaypapers does not offer you the option to get your money back for a poorly-written paper. A rewrite or refund policy has become a necessity and the industry policy.


The first order we placed on Superioressaypapers required some corrections because the conclusion was rather vague and did not include the major points. However, the writer responded in a timely manner and was quick to implement the necessary adjustments and delivered just what we wanted in a timely fashion.

Starting Price

Starts at %12 per 275-word page (double-spaced) with a deadline of 15 days or more. Superioressaypapers offers a discount of 5% that expires April 10, 2023. Moreover, customers can claim 15% of what they spent on the website back in credits that they can spend on their next order.

Services offered

Just like other essay writing service, Superioressaypapers offers a wide range of services including:

· Research papers

· Essays

· Admission essays

· Rewriting

· PowerPoint presentation

· Editing

· Proofreading

· Finance/Mathematics problem solving

· Poem

· Movie and book review

· Term paper

· Coursework

· Case study

The service also covers various academic levels such as Ph.D., Master’s Undergraduate, College, and High School. Additional services involve extra costs. These Superioressaypaper's services include:

· Editor’s check

· Priority Support

· PDF format plagiarism report

· Copy of sources

· One-page summary

However, in our opinion, these services should be offered by all professional writing services at no extra fees.


Understanding what your professional essay writer service offers helps you determine whether it can meet your requirements. Therefore, they should have valid guarantees. Warranties offered by Superioressaypapers include:

· Plagiarism-free content

Superioressaypapers allows you to either get your draft rewritten or order an essay written from scratch. The company uses various plagiarism detection platforms and can provide a report of uniqueness. However, you have to pay extra for the plagiarism report.

· Timely delivery

Superioressaypapers claims that all papers are delivered on time though we’ve seen a few negative reviews on TrustPilot. Moreover, in case your paper is not delivered on time, you can only request for a partial refund, which can be very disappointing.

· Full Confidentiality

Security is of utmost important especially when it comes to purchasing products and services online. Superioressaypapers keeps all your confidential information safe without sharing it with third parties.

Customer Support

The Superioressaypapers customer support team is available 24/7 and you can communicate with them via email, online chat, Facebook Messenger, and a toll-free Canadian and US number. However, some reviews say that they don’t provide informative and clear assistance when it’s needed most.

What we liked about this essay writing service

· Excellent customer service

· Regular discounts

· Reasonable price

What we didn’t like

· Most essays need at least one revision before expectations can be met

· Most writers located outside of the United States

You should not shy off from using their services as many customers have enjoyed positive experiences using Superioressaypapers essay writing service. When comparing essay writing services, it is essential to keep in mind that hiring one of these services involves risks.

These websites have large pools of writers, some have the best essay writers in the industry but in most cases it’s impossible to know which writer you’ll get. Moreover, reputable academic writing companies will probably fire unprofessional writers, so the chances of repeat bad experiences are extremely slim. Another Feature worth noting about Superioressaypapers is that it has an excellent customer service team that stops at nothing to leave customers satisfied.

Essay Writing Services FAQs: Common Questions, Answered

Are essay writing services legit?

Yes, essay writing services are legit, provided you are buying your papers from trustworthy companies. They are dedicated to helping customers handle their academic assignments. Websites that write papers for you help ease the tension that comes with academic life by giving you a break when it comes to essays and assignments. This sounds like a luxury to some people, but it’s a necessity for maintaining your mental and physical health while dealing with the various aspects of your life.

Essay writing services deliver original papers all written from scratch even with the stringiest requirements and tightest deadlines. This gives you a chance to dedicate your time to other vital aspects of your life, like helping your relatives, making money, or even taking care of your kids.

Essay writing services are also great solutions for newbies who need more time and practice to understand exactly how everything works in university or college. It’s okay if you can adapt fast, but most people are not so flexible and trustworthy essay services ensures that you’ll not get discouraged or uncertain of your future in school. Such professional services do the studying for you and they ensure that you keep up with your school work even when you need time to overcome other challenges.

Can I be caught if I buy a paper?

No, students who use honest, experienced and reliable paper writing websites never worry about getting caught. It is essential to note that trustworthy essay writing companies have official registration. These services offer their customers writing assistance, pay taxes, and sign agreements for providing their services. Additionally, all rights to the essays are transferred to customers as soon as they accept them. Therefore, the papers are yours and you are free to use them as you want and nobody will claim rights to the papers.

Nonetheless, it is essential to check your school policies regarding academic writing assistance. Note that these rules change from college to college. If it is prohibited at your college, then the likelihood of being punished for academic assistance is quite high. However, such problems have nothing to do with any essay writing sites that provide writing assistance. Everything is legal and clear from their end.

Is paying a professional writer to write my paper illegal?

No, hiring professional writers is not illegal in any way. essay writing services are not different from advisor or tutoring assistance. These services are perfectly legal. Moreover, these companies also offer proofreading and editing services which are also in high demand among journalists, writers, and professors.

Keep an eye out for scammers. Due to the increasing demand of professional, cheap essay writing services, many unreliable online services have sprung up across the web. They tend to mimic trustworthy sites and it can be hard to tell whether the site you are visiting is original or not. In most cases, scammers will take your money only to deliver a poor quality paper, or fail to deliver it at all.

So, how can you tell that a college essay writing service is a fraud?

· No clear communication with their pool of writers

· No registration information required

· Fake reviews

· No clear pricing policy

You’ll be safe if you avoid companies with such characteristics.

What is the best college paper writing service?

It is hard to pick a single essay writing company mainly because there are many professional, reputable and reliable websites. Some of the oldest sites in the United States were created in the late 1990’s, making it hard to choose the best paper writing service overall.

In the review above, we picked 3 top rated paper writing companies that will not disappoint. Each of these companies has its own unique features that can easily make it one of the best essay writing service for you. Some allow you to interview writers before hiring them, while others offer free revisions and plagiarism reports. Some companies are diverse, while others hire native English speakers only. However, all these companies have one thing in common; they deliver high quality essays and deserve to be trusted. You can choose additional features that appeal to you and order your essays there.

Are paper writing services legal?

Yes, they are legal and offer services in a legal way. They have head offices and registration documentation. They pay taxes and sign legal documents. They operate in accordance with the law and report their income and profits to the government. Therefore, you can request their assistance without any doubt or fear.

How can I pay a professional writer to write my paper?

If you want to hire someone to handle your papers and assignments for you, the most efficient and reliable way is to place orders at an essay writing site – it is easy and safe.

Professional paper writing websites provide their clients with plagiarism-free and original essays. Paper writing companies have extensive experience and know what their customers expect, so you can rely on them fully. They accept a wide variety of bank cards and they also have a comprehensive list of available services, their descriptions, and costs. Therefore, when you order your papers from a professional essay writing website, you know how much it will cost and exactly what to expect.

How can you find the most reliable paper writing service reviews?

There are numerous review platforms you can trust. This is where verified customers share opinions about the online services they use. These platforms have strict publishing policies to ensure that most of the reviews are verified and real. For instance, potential customers can trust what they see at TrustPilot or SiteJabber.

Moreover, the majority of paper writing companies publish reviews from their clients on their sites, some of which are in video format. This allows you to even contact the customer to make sure their review is real. On the other hand, there are many review sites where former students post their experiences after using the assistance of different essay writing services.

The reviewers on such platforms help desperate potential clients not to get scammed as they were. So, in most cases, the information found on these websites is trustworthy, real, and relevant.

Are essay writing services safe?

Yes, paper writing services are safe. These companies respect your privacy and protect your rights. You can rest assure that your personal data will not be shared with third parties and the services come with all the guarantees any other online service offers. You are free to use the paper as you like once you accept it because all the rights are transferred to you.

Keep in mind that the use of any professional essay writing service is commonly associated with some risks that are usually related to college policies, not professional essay writing sites and their websites. Let’s explore some of the general rules that can help you make the right choice. Follow these steps to protect yourself from scammers and unreliable essay service providers:

1. Writers’ skills and expertise: Be sure to pay keen attention to the platform’s writers’ pool. Professional essay writers do the most critical work and they must be highly educated, professional, experienced, and creative. Their role should not be underestimated.

2. Customer support: A professional and reliable customer support team knows to handle any customer experience issue. The representatives should guide you through the entire process until both parties are fully satisfied. A reliable customer support team will be fully available 24/7, and they should not hesitate or have any excuses not to offer the support you require.

3. Prices: Don’t go for services that offer extremely low prices. While such deals may be tempting, in most cases they are not legit. An unbelievably cheap essay writing service is a huge red flag.

How can I find the best essay writing service?

Follow these rules to find the best paper writing service:

1. Do your research

Even before placing your order, you should learn when the company was created, guarantees offered, and where they source for professional essay writers. Look for as many reviews as you can find and read them carefully. Some of the red flags you should pay attention to include:

· Reviews that are too abstract

· Reviews that have been written by new users

· Reviews that lack order information

2. Explore the essay writing website

Look for links that lead to third parties. Links to other sites are red flags and you should always avoid such essay writing sites.

3. Customer support and contact with writers

Are there any fast and reliable ways of contacting customer support and writers through the website? Check how fast they respond and how effectively they handle any emerging issues. Pay keen attention to the usability and connection speed. If everything checks out, it means that the site is up to date and there will be no delays when processing your orders.

4. Make an order

If you really want to ensure that the service you want to use is reliable, simply place a test order on the site. This ensures that you’ll not lose huge chunks of money if the order will be poorly-written. For instance, you can order a simple and short lab report or a high school paper. This allows you to check if the company actually delivers what has been promised on their website.

The bottom-line

Using a reputable and trusted academic writing company is a sure-fire way of saving yourself from excessive stress and sleepless nights. I hope that this in-depth review has given you adequate insight into the amazing world of professional college essay writing.

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