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NatureSpa Shower Purifier: A Look at Nature Spa Water Filter Head

Last updated Friday, October 16, 2020 01:29 ET , Source: Prestige Alliance Limited

Nature Spa Shower Head features a built-in filter that removes the harmful chemicals and minerals and uses an alkaline filtration system that cleans all the minerals causing the water to harden.

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Nature Spa Shower Head can easily be called the eco-friendliest shower purifier in the world, seeing it features a built-in filter and has been especially designed to do these 2 things:

To filter out minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which are known to harden the water. Hard water leaves a film on the skin and hair whenever people are showering. Besides, it has the drying effect, not to mention it causes the skin to irritate, as well as numerous other health issues.

To remove chlorine from the water. Chlorine has very negative effects over the human body, damaging the way in which the skin and the hair look and feel.

In addition, Nature Spa Shower Head reduces the water usage without affecting pressure in any way. Seeing there’s a problem with water shortages all over the world at the moment, it’s only sensible that people should try harder to save this precious natural resource, not to mention that no longer consuming a lot of water can drastically reduce the living costs of a household.

How Does the Nature Spa Shower Head Work?

Being a very simple product, the ways in which the Nature Spa Shower Head works are extremely easy to understand. As mentioned above, this shower head features a built-in filter that removes the harmful chemicals and minerals usually present in the water. Many people live in municipal areas where it’s unsafe to drink the water or to take a shower, but Nature Spa Shower Head can solve their problem because it uses an alkaline filtration system that cleans all the minerals causing the water to harden. Besides, it also removes impurities and harmful chemicals, chlorine included. This type of filtration leaves the water with the perfect pH for the skin and the hair. Nature Spa Shower also features the SmartPressure System technology that allows the water consumption to be reduced without compromising water pressure. Most water-saving shower heads reduce the usage of water but at the same time decrease pressure, so they all the time leave people with shampoo in their hair.

As a matter of fact, Nature Spa Shower Head increases the water pressure by 150%. More than this, it has 3 stimulation water settings:

  1. Rain
  2. Massage
  3. Combined

All these settings are perfect for providing the healthiest stimulation for the skin and scalp. For example, the massage setting is as well very useful when trying to ease tight muscles and achieving an overall feeling of relaxation.

What Will People Get with the Nature Spa Shower Head?

As said before, Nature Spa Shower Head is one of the simplest products. People who are ordering will receive the shower head and the instructions on how they should install it. Many products being advertised and sold online promise all sort of bonus items, but Nature Spa Shower Head doesn’t try to be convincing in this manner. However, it does come at some amazing discounts that will be mentioned a bit later. This means that those who have more than one bathroom at home can decide to buy a pack of these shower heads and get more of them in order to make sure their entire family is clean and safe.

Advantages of Nature Spa Shower Head

Whenever buying any product online, the Nature Spa Shower Head included, it’s always a very good idea to look at is advantages.

Here are the ones of this bathroom appliance:

  • Removes harmful chemical, magnesium, calcium and microorganisms from the water, leaving it purified and no longer hard
  • Eliminates chlorine from the water. Chlorine is known to cause eczema and to increase the risk of developing skin cancer
  • Saves the user a lot of money by reducing the water bill with every month that passes
  • It’s easy to install, also without any special tools or the help of a professional
  • It’s sold online and gets delivered right to the customer’s door
Nature Spa Shower Head
Nature Spa Shower Head

Nature Spa Shower Head Price

Many people may wonder just how much they need to pay in order to have their shower water purified and no longer have to stress about the risks of developing different more or less serious skin conditions or even cancer. The pH balanced and safe water that this shower head provides may seem priceless, but here’s the good news: Nature Spa Shower Head is at the moment being sold at discounted special prices, especially for those people who decide to buy more than 1 unit at once.

The original price of this bathroom appliance used to be $66.65, but here’s how the pricing goes now:

  • 1 Nature Spa Shower Head for $39.99, which is 40% OFF
  • 2 units for $73.99, which breaks down at $37 per unit, so 45% OFF
  • 3 shower heads for $99.99, at $33.33 per unit, meaning 50% OFF
  • 4 units at $127.99, so $32 per each shower head, at 52% OFF
  • 5 costs Nature Spa Shower Heads, so $30 per unit and 55% OFF

As it can be easily seen, buying more Nature Spa Shower Heads can save one a significant amount of money, and ordering more of them would be the wisest choice when living in a home with more than one bathroom. What’s also good to know about the company selling this product is that it doesn’t charge any shipping fee, so the prices mentioned above are the ones that will be paid to get the Nature Spa Shower Head or Heads. Besides, the product is covered by a limited lifetime warranty for materials and manufacturing defects, yet not for wear and tear ones. However, $4 more can be paid to get a replacement lifetime warranty, meaning that in this case, the shower head will be replaced at any time, no questions asked.

Nature Spa Shower Head customer service team contact info:

  • Email[email protected]
  • Phone: United States & Canada TF: 855 378 9408
  • Company and Return Address: Prestige Alliance Limited 48 Bi-State Plaza #617, Old Tappan, NJ 07675


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