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Heavenly Scent Spa Announces Launch of New Center in Deland, Florida

Last updated Wednesday, November 25, 2020 14:10 ET , Source: Heavenly Scent Spa

Website Updated with Information about all Services and Therapies being offered

DELAND, United States, 11/25/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

DELAND, FLORIDA – 24th November 2020 – Heavenly Scent Spa is pleased to announce that they have updated their website with all the latest information about the services offered. The website also features current promotions, customer testimonials, blogs, and much more. The center also takes pleasure in sharing that they have opened a new center in Deland, Florida. This is a complete massage therapy center that offers a wide variety of wellness programs. These programs are designed as solutions for detox, de-stressing, and contributing to the overall health and wellness of the body and mind. For those who are looking for a personalized experience, this is the place to be. 

The 90-minute custom massage therapy is one of the most popular therapies. The therapy is customized according to the client’s needs; such as targeting certain aches and pains or providing treatments to get rid of acne, dry and rough skin, etc. The full hour customized massage is yet another interesting therapy that aims at offering the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenating experience. A wide range of massage and bodywork techniques are implemented for customers to take full advantage of the sessions. All the massage therapies are conducted by licensed, experienced, and specialized practitioners in holistic and therapeutic healing. 

Heavenly Scent Spa
Heavenly Scent Spa

“Heavenly Scent Spa is the most amazing spa experience I ever had. I love that they use natural products and they are so good at what they do”, says Connie Mueller from Central Florida. The half-hour customized massage is for those who cannot spend time but yet want to enjoy a good massage. This session too is customized in order to give the clients what they are looking for in just 30 minutes. The 1-hour deep cleaning facial has gained huge popularity because it is not just any facial but a facial that is personalized according to the skin type and the problem areas. This holistic facial unclogs pores, nourishes skin, deep cleanses the skin and clients will experience supple skin at the session end. 

The other popular therapies are the anti-aging 1 hour facial wherein an esthetician begins the treatment by analyzing the skin and suggesting an appropriate therapy based on skin health. The microcurrent facelift facial is a hi-tech treatment wherein a low-grade electrical current is used to make the muscles appear tightened, lifted and firm. All oils used for aromatherapy are 100% natural and exotic. Their medicinal properties prove to be very beneficial for the body, mind, and soul. Customers can now take advantage of a special discount of 42% on all the spa packages. The team here is always ready to assist their clients with online booking of appointments and to provide guidance and recommendations. 

To learn more about the message and facial services offered visit https://heavenlyscentspa.com/ 

About Heavenly Scent Spa

Heavenly Scent Spa based in DeLand, Florida is a professional spa offering a wide range of aromatherapy treatments, relaxation sessions, and customized massages. They also offer special care solutions to tackle specific skin problems such as aging, dry skin, etc. Their wellness programs are designed to contribute towards overall health and wellness through detox and de-stressing. 



Heavenly Scent Spa

Address: 101 N Woodland Blvd. Suite 307, Deland, FL 32724

Phone: 386-589-5782

Website: https://heavenlyscentspa.com/ 

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