What Programming Languages Do You Need to Know for Blockchain?

What Programming Languages Do You Need to Know for Blockchain?

Blockchain is a specialized field and a new one at that. Here are the programming languages you need to know to learn Blockchain.

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a data delivery and transfer system first created by the creators of Bitcoin. It’s based on a decentralized ledger system that allows multiple devices to keep track of all transactions. Hence, this allows a minimal or almost non-existent chance of hacking or interference. 

Several governments and tech companies are analyzing the applications of Blockchain for their own operations. However, very few people still know what it takes to build a Blockchain and which programming languages are required. So here is a list of languages that you will need for Blockchain programming. 


C++ is a derivative of C, one of the simplest programming languages. Having a background in C++ will give you a base to learn any sort of programming language; its logic, and syntax. C++ also has featured called “objects” which can be reused in other programs once created. This reduces coding time. 


JavaScript is mainly used to create interactive web pages. JavaScript allows developers to build applications on top of any Blockchain created with JavaScript. Take for example, Lisk’s Sidechain Development Kit. This allows building apps on Lisk’s Blockchain. 


Python is one of the major programming languages in the world. It is used in the Ethereum Blockchain alongside C++ and JavaScript. If you need to learn an easy programming language Blockchain will be easy on Python. 


Solidity is a new programming language compared with the others on this list. It is especially popular with developers of the Ethereum Blockchain. It’s used to develop smart contracts, which are an increasingly important application of the Ethereum Blockchain. Developers are increasing by the day, and are currently estimated at over 200,000.






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