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CleanT Reviews – 10 seconds toothbrush launched - Product Review by Mike Vaughn

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The CleanT is an automatic toothbrush that cleans your teeth in ten seconds. The manufacturer of this product has developed it to make dental care easier, faster and more effective.

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What is CleanT?

The CleanT is an automatic toothbrush that cleans your teeth in ten seconds. The manufacturer of this product has developed it to make dental care easier, faster and more effective. After all, the dental care process does not simply consist of brushing your teeth. It is also important to rinse out your mouth and floss the spaces between your teeth. Many people do without flossing, although it is extremely important for their dental health.

In addition to cleaning your teeth, the toothbrush also helps to whiten your teeth. The tooth whitening product supplied with the toothbrush is applied. Combined with the blue LED light of the special toothbrush, the teeth are then whitened by up to six stages within ten days, as promised by the supplier. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Why do I need this toothbrush?

The CleanT completely replaces a conventional toothbrush. Therefore it is suitable for almost everyone. Since the device, according to the manufacturer, can clean the teeth within a very short time, it is especially suitable for people who want to save time when brushing their teeth. The manufacturer promises that using this device can save up to 100 days of your life, which would otherwise have been wasted just on brushing your teeth. Because the toothbrush is small and handy, it can be used by people who travel a lot. In the toilet bag, the classic toothbrush is then simply replaced with the CleanT. In addition, the waterproof device can also be used when a dental prosthesis or braces are inserted in the mouth. This means that the device is suitable for people whose jaws are fully grown, regardless of age.

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CleanT evaluation and recommendation

At first sight, the CleanT has a rather unusual shape for a toothbrush. Some people may already know this shape from products that are used exclusively to make teeth whiter. According to the supplier, this also applies to the product for dental care, which also takes care of the rest of the dental care. The toothbrush is simply switched on with a clearly visible power button on the handle of the appliance. There is also a display with four small dots. These dots light up to indicate the speed at which the brush is brushing. The mouthpiece attached to the handle is simply placed in the jaw. The rows of teeth in the upper and lower jaws fit into the mouthpiece, which also has an antibacterial coating to help improve dental hygiene. According to the supplier, the mouthpiece also fits when you wear dentures. Even with braces, there should be no problems with the CleanT. If you not only want to care for your teeth but also whiten them, you can put the whitening product in the mouthpiece. Then you put the mouthpiece in your mouth and press the power switch. Within ten seconds, the dental care product should not only brush your teeth but also whiten them. To ensure that the toothbrush always works properly, it must be charged regularly. This is possible with a USB cable.

All in all, CleanT is an innovative and so far still rather unusual product, but it is certainly justified - insofar as it actually works as well as the supplier promises. Combining thorough tooth brushing with whitening seems to be a very interesting idea, which saves users some time in their dental care.

CleanT technical facts

  • blue LED light
  • can be combined with whitening product
  • 10 s cleaning time
  • - Speed display
  • 360° antibacterial mouthpiece
  • rechargeable with USB
  • waterproof
  • suitable for braces
  • suitable for dental prostheses

What are the CleanT quality features?

The supplier does not only provide the buyers of the dental care product with free shipping. It also promises a 30-day money back guarantee if your toothbrush is not what you are looking for. There is also a two-year guarantee. If the CleanT breaks, you can simply return it within this period. If the manufacturer was not convinced of the quality of his product, he would probably not give this guarantee of his own accord.

The supplier of the dental care product is also very concerned about the safety of his customers. We are talking about data protection. The manufacturer only allows payment by credit card - so there is no need to enter sensitive account information. In addition, the ordering process is coded via 256-bit SSL encryption so that ideally no unauthorised third parties have access to your data. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

CleanT reviews

CleanT is already being used by many people around the world. Some users have already recorded online how good they think the toothbrush is, what advantages and disadvantages they could see and whether they would recommend the particular toothbrush to others. You can find some of these reviews directly on the website of the official supplier. In the reviews, buyers mostly speak positively of CleanT. They state that they have noticed differences in their teeth and gums within a very short period of use. According to the users, whitening should also work very well. Some customers even say that the toothbrush is better here than the classic whitening strips available in drugstores. Users also report that CleanT is very easy to use. It is also said to be suitable for sensitive teeth and not cause any pain.

Where can I buy CleanT?

If you want to have cleaner and whiter teeth in a particularly short time, the CleanT might be just the right toothbrush for you. You can buy the dental care product on the website of the official supplier. They not only provide you with a form that you can use to order, but also a great deal more information about the functionality of the CleanT. The toothbrush is currently available under the product name uSmile Pro as well.

Within the order form you first select the number of CleanT you want to buy. If you only need the toothbrush for yourself, you only need to buy one and you will receive a 50% discount. If you need another CleanT for your partner, you will receive a total discount of 70%. Even more discount is available for the purchase of four CleanTs. Here the total discount is 85 percent. If you only need three CleanTs, you can order the price saving package. Here you get three toothbrushes, but only pay for two. If you want to buy five, you can also buy a package. Here you pay for three and get two for free. The shipping costs are currently paid by the supplier.

After you have selected the order quantity, you can enter your contact information. The seller needs your title, your first and last name, your e-mail address and your telephone number. Then you enter the delivery address. In addition to the country, street and house number, you also enter the city and postcode. Then select the credit card you use (Visa or Mastercard) and enter the card number, CVV and expiry date.

Finally, you have the option of increasing the guarantee from two to three years by paying a one-off fee of 24 euros.

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Who is the supplier?

Tech X Deal LTD

112 Burren RD


Newry.Co. Down

Northern Irleand

BT34 3XT

e-mail: [email protected]


International: +44 20 3808 9234

Brazil: +55 2135003992

General information about toothbrushes

Toothbrushes should do one thing above all: clean the teeth. However, they come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and models. They range from manual toothbrushes to swinging head brushes and electric toothbrushes to devices like the CleanT, which is a category of its own. However, the quality, hardness and bristles are the most important factors when buying a toothbrush. After all, the tooth brushing technique is also crucial when it comes to using the brush to achieve healthy oral flora and white teeth.

Probably the cheapest model among toothbrushes is the manual toothbrush. Manual toothbrushes with a short head can often be used to reach those areas of the mouth that are only accessible with a longer head. are difficult to access. The hardness of the brushes ranges between medium hard and soft. High-quality models have an ergonomic handle, rounded bristle ends and some even have bristles arranged crosswise or have separately bundled bristle fields. Occasionally, manual toothbrushes with natural bristles can also be found. From an ecological point of view, these models make sense - especially since manual toothbrushes are used every two

months should be changed. However, natural bristles are usually not recommended for hygienic reasons. Another ecological alternative here would be a brush with a replaceable head. Only the head needs to be changed every two months. The handpiece can be used for decades.

Electric toothbrushes have only been around since 1954, when they were developed by the Swiss company Broxo. Today, the electric brushes are of course much more modern and easier to handle. They usually have an accumulator operation. So there is no need for a cable connection and the brush can be used flexibly. The electric models are not only characterised by their durability. Some of them also have special functions that can be activated with a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

A distinction is made between soft, medium hard and hard bristles. The soft bristles are particularly suitable for you if your teeth are sensitive to pain when eating hot and cold food. There are even some brushes with extra-soft bristles that are used when gum bleeding is frequent or the tooth necks are exposed. Medium hard bristles are used by most people. They offer a higher cleaning performance than the soft bristles, but are not quite as gentle on gums and teeth. The hard bristles are not gentle on the gums in particular. The cleaning power of these bristles is the highest.

The size of the brush head is also important when buying. Basically, you should choose according to the size of the oral cavity. Children should always use small brush heads. The larger the brush head, the more teeth can be cleaned at once. Smaller heads, on the other hand, can reach places that are difficult to reach and allow the teeth to be brushed all at once.

If you decide to buy a CleanT, you do not have to worry about the hardness of the bristles or the size of the brush head. The CleanT is available in a uniform shape. The mouthpiece covers the entire rows of teeth in the upper and lower jaw and according to the supplier, all teeth and also all hard-to-reach areas are easily reached and thoroughly brushed.

In special life situations, special toothbrushes are the better choice. This is the case, for example, when orthodontic treatment is being carried out. So-called ortho toothbrushes are used here. Some people use interdental toothbrushes so that the spaces between the teeth can also be brushed sufficiently. So-called learning toothbrushes are particularly suitable for children, for cleaning their milk teeth. They are particularly soft, ergonomic and rounded. In this way, children learn how dental care works properly. Click here to discover the current discount!

Known FAQ about this product
  • Q: What can the CleanT?
  • A: This special toothbrush, according to the supplier, is able to clean teeth in ten seconds in the same quality as a conventional brush in three minutes. At the same time, it is also supposed to whiten the teeth if the appropriate whitening product is added.
  • Q: How does whitening with CleanT work?
  • A: First of all, the whitening product is added to the CleanT. Then the mouthpiece is inserted and the appliance is switched on. This will light up the blue light and the whitening process begins.
  • Q: Is the CleanT suitable for every jaw size?
  • A: So far the CleanT is only available in one size. As the manufacturer does not specify the size of the toothbrush, it can be assumed that the CleanT is suitable for all jaw sizes.
  • Q: Can the CleanT also be used when wearing braces?
  • A: Especially if you wear fixed braces, you need to brush your teeth very thoroughly. According to the manufacturer, CleanT is excellent for people with braces.
  • Q: Can the CleanT also be used when wearing dentures?
  • A: The whitening function of the CleanT is of course of no interest to you if you wear your dentures. However, according to the provider, you can use the cleaning function without any problems. If in doubt, you should ask your dentist again.
  • Q: How much does the shipping cost?
  • A: The shipping of the CleanT does not cost you a cent at the moment. The provider promises on their website to cover the shipping costs completely.
  • Q: How long is the guarantee that the provider gives for the CleanT?
  • A: Basically the manufacturer gives you a two-year guarantee on the device. However, you can extend the warranty to three years for a surcharge.

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