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A New Flavor To The Rock World.

Last updated Saturday, December 12, 2020 12:22 ET

Pop Star Released new single

Dallas, 12/12/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

Dallas's art and music have long been at the cutting edge in terms of innovation and creativity. Now, at the forefront of the city's up-and-coming rock scene is Haiqeem with his new single, Sorrow. His music blends stylistic elements of Metal, Trap, Contemporary Pop, and Rock, winning over audiences with towering dynamics and genuine enthusiasm.

Singer and pop artist Haiqeem unveiled his brand new single "Sorrow" on, via Ingrooves/Universal Music Group, one of the country's leading music companies. It was co-written by songwriters Anna Tsuchiya and Lina Katina and produced by Grammy Nominated Producer Chris "Frenchie" Smith, Co-Produced by Murray D. Yates, Juno Nominee (Templar, Forty Foot Echo), and Shelby Pamplin on guitars.

"'Sorrow' uses an allegory of a fallen angel in relationship to current events," says Haiqeem. "We didn't really plan to release the song during a time where the world is in quarantine or self-isolating, and physical distancing, but it has given it an alternate meaning. Throughout this period, I have had to rely on technology to connect with my friends and fans online, which has been an exciting experience."

His new single is different and unique and is a combination of different genres of music, creating his unique identity. For those who were previously enthralled by his single 'Don't Give A Damn,' this is a significant release on its terms. For those who have never heard it before, there is no better time to discover Haiqeem's richly textured sound than right now.