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Qamar Zaman Reviews - The Four Agreements - What are the 4 Agreements of life

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This Book is a self-help book and can be used as a practical guide to your personal freedom. The Four Agreements are based on a long history of the Toltecs, an ancient Mexican tribal people.

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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements Book

Don Miguel Ruiz is the author of the Four Agreements. When we were kids, we all are taught with many guidelines or rules under which we live in adulthood. The culture in which we live, forces on us much. Ruiz suggests that since we did not like these rules and arrangements, then we should ponder if we should accept them. The Four Deals suggest that there is a better approach. By dismantling the social system and standards, we will conclude new agreements for ourselves.

The First Agreement: Be Impeccable With Your Word

The first agreement must be impeccable to never hold it against you or others. The Latin word impeccable means without sin. Being impeccable is means not to judge yourself. The terms that we want to use our power – they will set us and others free. How much did you convince yourself that you were dumb, or nothing was good? You make an aggregation each time by doing this. Your words will change your thinking and shape other's beliefs. So, pick them carefully.

The Second Agreement: Don’t Take Things Personally

The second agreement states that if you have a good sense of yourself, you would not need to take things personally. It will always last too long in our heads when people are disrespectful to us. Really nothing people say or do about you. It’s just about them. If someone says to you something and that is why u feel upset, believe me, it’s about your own fear. Overcoming this dilemma means knowing yourself better. From another point of view, everybody looks at the universe. In this, you should know your own point of view.

The Third Agreement: Make No Assumptions

Instead of making conclusions, the third agreement tells us to ask the question. We always rush to judgment and conclude that they are absolutely incorrect. You think you know what it entails when you have trouble understanding something. You can see that it says something else as things become apparent. We also make the assumption that we will perform a certain job well or not. Instead, you would substitute conclusions for questions. It can be challenging, but the only way you can obtain the answers.

The Fourth Agreement: Do Your Best Always!

This agreement is always to do the best, while your best shifts constantly. Your best depends on the situation in which you work and is not a single-size thing. Some days the best will be to fight the world and others will be to fight. You should do it in order to do your best, not on top of external factors such as a paycheck. You will do your best without even trying if you are doing it. Your job will sound easy and you will do much better.

If you would like to know more about the four agreements in the four agreements then it's time to read this practical guide to personal freedom book. And 'Yes' The Four Agreements book is worth reading.

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