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This press release is about how to become successful, and how to guide other people to do so.

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Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely existence: Up all day and night working on your project, becoming consumed with the need for funding, and forever striving for perfection.

But, according to Josh Rathour, CEO and founder of UNiDAYS, the student discount site, it is being able to let others in and take advice while still keeping hold of your initial vision.

While you may think you have all the answers, you haven’t, and it may get to the stage where you cannot see the wood for the trees, but will not realize this.

There also comes a stage for Josh Rathour when you have to question yourself and make sure you are still heading in the right direction.

In a recent interview, the UNiDAYS founder said that things will get more intense as the business starts to take shape and you are employing people who then depend on the success of the company for their livelihood.

The UNiDAYS CEO said that what started as an idea has quickly become a real thing and that can add to the stress. The best way to deal with it is to trust the people around you – but to still own the vision of what you want the company to be.

It is also about being able to sell that vision. “Be a great storyteller — it’s crucial that you bring your team, customers, and users along on the journey. Share your vision with passion and belief at every opportunity.”


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