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Short Elevator Pitch - Emotional Intelligence Book Review - Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0 describes what emotional maturity entails by using the forces of self-confidence, self-control,how to create fantastic connections between your personal lives and your work.

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Jean Greaves

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Book

In this book, I have some favorite lessons which help to build emotional intelligence.

Build self-consciousness, self-management, connectivity capacity, and become emotive intellectual

You must know the four essential components that exist if you want to boost your EQ. it is auto consciousness first. This is how you can grasp both what you feel and what you do. You know that you act a certain way because you are self-conscious. This means that your feelings don’t overpower you. Secondly, self-management ensures you stay in conditions where you can handle yourself appropriately.

Social consciousness is third. You will begin to understand why people around you are crazy, depressed, or excited when you understand your own emotions. You will use your body language to take clues. Fourthly, the management of relationships. You will create good relationships in your life because you understand both yourself and the people around you. You can find different approaches to suggestions if you know that your colleagues respond poorly to criticism. This will strengthen your relationship.

Align the analytical and mental elements and make yourself outstanding

A significant element of self-management understands the rational and emotional dimensions of balance. One way to do this is by a list of feelings vs. justification. Draw two columns for this reason. Write what your thoughts expect you to do in the first column. Write down the logical rationale in the second column. This practice allows you to maintain equilibrium between the two groups; So that, one does not overpower the other.

Take care on which side has the best points when you compare them. Perhaps, you know that your feelings could be your judgment. Or, flaws in the logic may be noticed occasionally. Another way to improve your own administration is to remind your family and friends of your priorities. You should keep track of this. It's a huge source of inspiration to have someone responsible.

Excellent coordination means to tell the same thing with your body that you're with the lips

The author teaches that the desire to develop close connections is a vital part of EQ. One way to do this is to check your body language to ensure that you do not give a mixed message. Not just your voice, your body, and attitude relay a lot of your emotions, so make sure that you give the right signals.

Another perfect way to strengthen your connections with your community is to look for feedback from those around you. It can be challenging since suggestions can quickly be taken as critique and ignored. But it is important to learn to criticize constructively. It makes it better when you realize that the person who gives suggestions cares about you.

Intelligence Emotion 2.0 is a beautiful book! These days I have this sentence tossed around the place and was delighted to discover what it meant.


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