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Best Ways to Extend Your Hair - Viola Hair Extensions

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If you plan to extend your hair, Here are a few of the best ways that can help you

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Long, beautiful hair is a dream of many women. Some of them use natural, homemade methods, but more and more women do not want to wait long for the results and use alternative methods, usually involving the attachment of artificial hair. What should you know about hair extensions?

There are many different hair lengthening methods; these include keratin, ultrasound, clip-in and microrings. Each of them has specific advantages, so it is worthwhile to get to know the specifics of a particular method before choosing it.

What are hair extensions?

Hair lengthening is a non-invasive, painless procedure. It consists in attaching new strands to the existing hairstyle. The biggest advantage of the treatment is, of course, the immediate effect - the hair can be up to several dozen centimeters longer. At the same time it is worth remembering that the final length of the extended strands will depend on several factors, including the length of natural hair, its condition and structure, as well as the hairstyle that was worn by the client before the treatment. The maximum length of the extended strands will therefore be decided by an expert; usually it is no more than 60 cm.

Extensions can be done with different types of hair; the so-called "virgin" hair, which is obtained from small children, works best - it is the most natural and durable because it has not been previously damaged by cosmetic treatments. Experts rather advise against extending synthetic hair - it is better to visit a salon that will have natural hair from a legal source. Before the treatment, the hair extensions are carefully washed and cared for, so they do not differ from the natural strands of the owner of the hairstyle.

Keratin method: still the most popular

It is the method that is still the most frequently chosen by clients, and at the same time one of the oldest when it comes to hair extensions. Keratin, which is also a natural component of the hair shaft, is used to join the hair. The keratin method is also called "hot" because a special welder or a gun with a keratin insert is used to attach the hair. The attached strands are usually small in width, making it easier to distribute them evenly. It is worth noting that the procedure is performed at a lower temperature than for example hair straightening (the welder warms up to about 180 degrees Celsius, while the straightener to about 220), so it will not affect the condition of the hair.

The keratin method has many advantages; first of all, it is very durable and, in addition, not very visible and extremely effective. Unfortunately, it also has a disadvantage - every 2-3 months you have to go to the salon in order to lower the extended strands, otherwise they will become visible due to natural hair growth.

Microring method

The second method, offered by many hairdressing salons, is the microring extension method. Very often called the "cold" method, it does not require the use of a welder and is therefore much safer for hair. The hairpieces are attached by means of small metal rings, whose color, type and size can be adjusted depending on the client's hair type and structure. The most commonly used materials for the production of microrings are aluminum, copper and brown. The method of hair extensions with the use of microrings requires high efficiency from the hairdresser. A huge advantage of this method is its durability - from 3 to even 4 months. It is worth remembering, however, that at the beginning microrings can be a bit disturbing - you just have to get used to them. This method is recommended for women with thin and rare hair.

Human hair extensions and human hair wigs are the best ways to extend your hair.

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