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A solution to circumvent health events by Hospital Bed Rent

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This press release is about the solution to circumvent all sorts of health events.

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Costly complications can happen now and then. They are plenty of problems especially if these problems are health-related. Health is the best wealth any person can get. During the events of life-threatening health-related problems, physical and mental health itself is a burden to one’s self. Another burden is the thought of hospital bills that come along with health problems. Many times, the problem is not serious enough to go to a hospital, it only arises due to improper rest and health conditions and sometimes diet-related problems. Visiting a hospital in scenarios related to restlessness, simply laying down on the comfy hospital bed is half the physical therapy you need. There is a better way to do the same at home; through hospital bed rental. As crazy as it sounds, hospital bed rental is a reality and a new way to move forward.

Hospital visits reduced with this new approach

Many times, there are certain conditions in which people are unable to visit a hospital. In the case of health-related problems for the elderly, visiting a hospital daily can be tiresome. Elder patients require assistance and companionship but what they require the most are rest and a carefree life. Elderly people and middle-aged people feel troublesome to visit the hospital and go to the ER now and then. What they need the most is some rest to get going. Similarly, in conditions where people in their sixties and above cannot visit the hospital and like to stay at home, renting a hospital bed is a suitable option for them. Not only elders, young adults, and middle-aged people also need rest to accomplish their daily life tasks efficiently. As we are quite aware that hospital beds are highly expensive to purchase so many companies came up with the idea of hospital bed rental. You can rent a hospital bed for 2 weeks or a month. Some hospital companies allow you to rent a bed for more than a month; for as long as you require.

Centrella – Smart Hospital Bed with extensive features

Centrella provides hospital beds for rental as well as purchase. Its high-demand hospital bed called Centrella Smart+ Bed is innovative and quite easy to use at home. Centrella Smart+ Bed, as the name suggests, is a smart bed that provides optimized safety for its patients. It has a safe-view system, a side rail handgrip, a highly enhanced 3-mode bed exit, and some verbal safety features. It provides significant features for patient safety and satisfaction. It comes with an elongated mattress and safety rails for fall prevention. It has a monitor that displays heart rate and respiratory rate. Another monitor allows real-time incontinence detection. The mattress provides a superior pressure distribution for increased comfort. Extra features include features like a USB charging port, urinal holder, personal device storage, etc. for patient satisfaction. Highly sleek and user-friendly caregiver-focused technology comes with this hospital bed that includes bed connectivity in the form of WiFi, a GCI touchscreen, and a boost positioning feature.

This hospital bed rental package comes with a bed, mattress, a brand-new mattress cover, and safety rails.

Note: The mattress size is 36” by 80”.

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